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"I had to send you this e-mail to let you know that just about a week after that wonderful experience and weekend (Reiki Level I), how dramatically my life has started to change.

I have not had a single negative thought and have been offered so many great opportunities.  I even already started a new career in a field that I always dreamed about but was afraid to go into...
Emotionally, I am doing great...."
— K.M., Miami, Florida

"Thanks again SO MUCH for the weekend. I had many insights during the weekend that will stay with me the rest of my life. I am so grateful for the changes that have taken place in my life and inside of me since beginning my spiritual work with you.

I had an interesting experience last night that I wanted to share with you. My cat, like you suggested might happen, would have nothing to do with me when I got home. However, at about 4 in the morning I was woken up by an incredible surge of Reiki energy. I opened my eyes to see my cat on my bed looking at me. I immediately placed my hands on him and he laid down for exactly 15 minutes to receive healing. He NEVER lays down and allows me to pet him in such a way. I felt such a bond with him, and when he'd had enough he got up and jumped off my bed. I got up to check his water and filled it with fresh water. He then drank from his bowl for what felt like several minutes. He then fell directly asleep.

This was such an amazing experience! Thank you again for everything. After my 21 days I hope to continue treatments with you and will probably considerReiki II once I've gained some confidence in my healing abilities."

C.F., Deerfield Beach, Florida

"I thank you and Bless you! The last 3 sessions have made a great difference in my life and I am happy my Guides have lead me back to you. You are a great facilitator of healing and of course I am happy to receive. I will continue with more sessions after the fourth as well. That is what I am being told....Also more good news. Today in massage class they looked at my foot. They said I have no adhesions/scar tissue (from 3rd degree burns). This is healing nicely."

S.M.., Boca Raton, Florida

"I am so grateful for the profound healing that took place for me...I continue to be amazed at the power of Reiki and the Universal wisdom it showers. I have been constantly guided, prodded, blessed, healed and thankful since Sunday. I cannot describe in words what exactly took place but I have felt a huge burden lifted away from this body. Two things come to mind right away as far as a physical release. First, I have no desire whatsoever to smoke. It almost makes me nauseous to think of doing so (I was still struggling with that one Pamir!) and second, I feel that my heartache (literally)...has disappeared...

I felt that during the second attunement, when your hands were on my head, there was a burning fire, red and yellow flames swirling. I believe that a lot of psychic debris was burnt away. Thank you...Pamir I am astounded by this healing and am still processing it...this is all just flowing freely right now in my thoughts but I have been constantly realigning my cells and their structure within me. It is taking me to places that I have needed to see again. You probably can't know (maybe you do) that I had been experiencing a wave of depression where I felt that no matter what I did there was still some negative power that had a grip on me. That is gone, I feel lighter."

K.W., Tavernier, Florida


Wanted to thank you for a great weekend. It was just what I needed. I found a spirit guide, a raven so I am excited and hope she returns. Thanks again."

S.Y., Islamorada, Florida

"I have noticed that my general mood is has a lighter, easier-going quality about it lately. I also seem to have a somewhat better, more objective perspective on my thoughts and feelings."

K.B.,  N. Miami Beach, Florida

"It is hard to put into words the appreciation I have for the day I met you. Our energies were drawn to together immediately. I was fascinated by your discussion of Reiki. I knew then this was my path! Taking my first lessons with you changed my life and has continued to do so.

Being a Reiki Master myself now lets me know just how special your teachings are. Teaching form the heart cannot be taught, but has to be learned to be the type of Reiki Master you are. I now know some of the things you talked about. I continue to look for your guidance, knowledge and friendship for the rest of my life."

D.S., Deerfield Beach, Florida

"...let me tell you that Reiki has brought peace to my life, improved my family relationships, and made my back pain go away. You were a most caring and gentle teacher and guide."

M.A., N. Miami Beach, Florida

"Dear Pamir, just a note to let you know how valuable my Reiki learning experiences was with you and Oasis Reiki Dpjo. Your teaching exceeded my expectations in that it was a very powerful spiritual experience. Your life experiences have obviously added to your own personal spiritual depth, which is then shared so openly with those you teach. I look forward to future sessions with you..."

P.C., Lake Worth, Florida

"Pamir, Reiki as taught by you, has helped me a great deal both physically and mentally/spiritually. As you know I'm not one to give praise freely, and I am a very reserved person. In this instance, however, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone interested in healing and growth."

V.V., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I decided to learn Reiki I to help me deal with recurring headaches that I was unable to cure. I found Reiki I so stimulating and exciting that I continued with learning Reiki II. The ability to help myself as well as others has been extremely rewarding. I am most pleased with having found Pamir as my Reiki Master. His insights, faith, gentleness, and understanding has lead me to becoming more spiritual."

H.P., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"After 6 years of nonstop work and a broken marriage, I got simply exhausted. Before going to sleep I would close my eyes and I could feel my health was not okay at all. It was not only extremely high blood pressure but I could feel there was something else about to come. I decided to look for Pamir and start Reiki sessions. I was extremely tense, super stressed, about to breakdown. We did the sessions, and the first thing that came to normal were my heartbeats. From 120 per minute, my heart slowed down to 70. That was a good sign. I have to say that the healing effects of Reiki stay for a long time after Reiki has been ministered. Today my blood pressure is almost back to normal, from 200 over 160 now it's 140 over 90."

J.R., Miami Beach, Florida

"I have just visited your site and I salute you for your output. It is informative and well organized and has a warmth and invitational quality to it which will be of benefit to all those who visit. When I read your comment: "Love is all there is," I can tell you that I am personally honored to have such sentiments represented in our directory. Thank you for joining with us and I hope you will continue your membership for a long time to come."

Michael Spivak, President, Good Health Directory (no longer online)

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