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Here you will find a brief introduction to Authentic Japanese Reiki. The audio is about twelve minutes and text is also included below.

This primer looks at Reiki as it was envisioned by its founder, Usui Sensei (teacher—born Mikao Usui), and not what Reiki has become today, especially in the West.

Reiki Primer MP3

The subject of how Reiki is passed on by most teachers and practiced today, compared to its spiritual roots as an enlightenment teaching,requires a little more than the contents of this audio to fully grasp. This blog routinely looks at this subject.

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Authentic Japanese Reiki Primer

Welcome! This is Pamir, the founder of Oasis Reiki and the Reiki Help Blog. I will now give an overview of Reiki and then go into details.


Reiki is both a personal spiritual practice, and a healing art. It’s crucial to understand that Reiki has these two distinct elements. These two elements while distinct complement and complete each other. When Reiki is understood in this way, it becomes a complete rather than truncated teaching.

Reiki as a personal practice:

As a personal spiritual practice, Reiki is an open-minded teaching that is nondogmatic, nonreligious, and highly adaptable to any other practice or belief system. The founder of these teachings, Usui Sensei, gave a 5-point guideline:

For today only:
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others

These guidelines are elegant, universal and profound all at the same time. Their full application is a lifetime’s work. The rest of the teachings are practice-based. This is because without a set of practices, personal growth and transformation, healing, and evolution remain elusive. In other words, we’re unable to create the changes we wish. The practices of Reiki originate in the principles that govern the way Ki, or life energy flows in the body, the mind, nature and the cosmos. These techniques enhance your personal ki through a resonance with Universal Ki.

It must be understood that while Ki does show itself as energy, it is also a set of divine attributes such as wisdom, compassion and peace, and the consciousness of Oneness.

Reiki practices include Light or Ki-breathing meditations; palm-healing for self and others; energy cleansing; methods for spiritual alignment and mental/emotional health; the cultivation of Oneness; the development of intuition; and subtle vibratory sensitivity to utilize Ki for specific purposes.

Reiki as a healing art:

The healing art of Reiki is first a self-practice, which can be shared with others. In Usui’s time it was known as “palm-healing.” Palm-healing is a wonderful way to maintain a dynamic state of health on all levels, not only physically. The simplest way to describe Reiki’s healing benefit is that it balances and harmonizes you. This has wide-ranging effects. Reiki palm-healing is a low-risk method that is noninvasive, has no side-effects or contraindications, and blends very well with any health regimen you may already be on.

Original teachings of Usui Sensei:

As mentioned before, the teachings of Reiki were formulated by Usui Sensei, whose given name is Mikao Usui. He lived in 19th century Japan. He’s referred to as Sensei, which means “teacher,” or Usui-san, “san” being an honorific.

The Japan of that time was coming out of two hundred years of isolation. There was much change and activity in all areas of Japanese culture. Spiritual and healing ideas were flourishing, as were the martial arts. There were others practicing and teaching palm-healing. Spiritual groups were emerging. Usui was contemporary with the founders of Judo and Aikido. In fact he was an accomplished martial artist himself. He was also a lifelong Buddhist.

It was out of this rich conversation and the varied influences within Japanese culture that the teachings of Reiki emerged. Usui’s teachings are based on the truth that we are inherently spiritual. His practices and techniques simply help you become more and more actively spiritual, so that your spirituality is a conscious and observable experience, and not just an innate quality.

A crucial understanding in Reiki is the Hara. This energetic point is located midway between the belly button and the pubic bone. It is exactly halfway between the feet and the head. The Hara is our center of gravity, our seat of power and balance. It’s also a point of vitality, or Ki for our entire system. Vitality in this sense, is the very life energy that powers our breath, our heartbeat, our blood flow, and our mind. Once the umbilical cord to our biological mother is cut, we continue to be vitalized or nourished by the Great Mother Universe through a nonphysical and spiritual umbilical cord, which connects at our Hara. Thus the entire practice of Reiki is grounded in the Hara.

Another realization that Usui aspired for in his students is the truth of Oneness—That we are one with ourselves, others, nature and all the life forms in nature, the cosmos, and the Divine. Over time, with the powerful yet easy-to-apply methods of Usui Sensei, Oneness becomes a lived and embodied truth which also has a strong component of compassion.

Another core understanding in Reiki is that there are two governing energies or forces in life. These are Earth Ki, and Celestial Ki. It’s the blend of these two poles that generates and sustains creation. While these two energies are distinct poles with distinct characteristics, they are the continuation of One consciousness. An easy way to understand this is that, as Earth Ki ascends it eventually becomes Celestial; as Celestial Ki descends it eventually becomes Earthly. One has the seed of the other in it. Oneness is the true balance or unity of these two poles. And in Oneness we have no other choice but to be supremely compassionate because we relate and understand, and that in turn blesses us.

For the time being, I’ll mention one more factor which makes the original Usui way of Reiki unique and special. We are energetic beings. Before the physical body can come into existence, it has a subtle template. The meridians of Acupuncture have mapped our blueprint. The meridians are closer to the underside of the skin. Yoga has also mapped our blueprint and says that we have 72,000 nadis, or energy pathways which run deeper than the meridians. That’s quite a picture of our composition!

Reiki is a teaching and practice that addresses this subtle template in a direct way, without our having to memorize such intricacy. And thus it creates total, holistic wellbeing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. Reiki is full-spectrum and can be described as spiritual vibration, which is actually the consciousness of all there is, seen and unseen. The entire range from the one pole of Celestial Ki, to the other pole of Earth Ki, and all frequencies in between are included in your daily experiences with these teachings and practices. Reiki isn’t merely healing or lifeforce energy, but the union of personal ki with Universal Ki, or the perfect balance between Earth and Heaven.

Healing session experience:

During a Reiki session you remain fully clothed and lie down comfortably. The practitioner applies his or her hands on or slightly off your body. The hands are static in each position and there’s no pressure or manipulation. Reiki flows through the practitioner. This is obviously not the practitioner’s own energy, but powerful and pure Universal Ki. A typical session will last about an hour.

It would take too long to list all the many benefits and healings that a series of sessions can facilitate. You are an intelligent creation. Reiki is also obviously intelligent. The two intelligences resonate and communicate. Wherever you have a need, it is answered. Often there are unexpected healings and blessings. Your commitment to your healing journey and willingness not to limit possibilities can deepen Reiki’s effect. When the universal and the individual resonate during a Reiki session, there’s a reorganization leading to optimal health on all levels. Reiki sessions are insightful, uplifting and profoundly comforting. Your body and whole being truly appreciate the care and kindness received, and respond favorably.

Reiki training experience:

To become a practitioner, you have to be trained by a qualified teacher. Reiki can’t be learned from a book or a DVD. There is a definite teacher-student relationship. The foundational or first level is Shoden which means ‘beginning’ or ‘first’ teaching. This is completed over two days after which you take Reiki into your daily life, and your inner life. The training is a combination of instruction, hands-on work, experiential portions, sharing, Q&A, and Reiju. Reiju is a series of simple and transformative spiritual blessings. You are immediately able to benefit from any of the Reiki techniques, and are able to share Reiki with others. It’s really important to understand that Reiki isn’t only for your spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. It can be brought into your home and family, all your relationships, your workplace, your career; it can help you prosper. It can be used to enhance and vitalize food, water and your immediate environment. Even your pets will love Reiki!

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