2020! Phew! Am I right?! As we near the end of this highly unusual year, we come to a highlight. This is a personal account of a freshly minted Reiki I student who took my Skype Reiki Class.

I believe in the power of stories. Nothing illustrates how well Reiki works more than personal stories from people learning Reiki for themselves, or receiving Reiki treatments.

These anecdotes go deep and come from a real place inside the person telling it. It’s impossible to fake such stories and their power rings through!

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A little bit about the highlight below in a tough year. This student learned Level I Reiki from me back in the nineties! Recently she contacted me to train again, make a fresh start with Reiki. She has the intention of bringing Reiki to hospices in her area.

Because she’s in Arizona and I’m in Florida, we held the class over Skype. Little side note, I pioneered teaching Reiki virtually in a Skype Reiki Class format, and before that other platforms about 15 years ago! A simple smile has been on my face all of 2020, when everyone on social media began furiously promoting their Zoom classes and constantly going live on various popular social sites. A little humble brag for me.

As you read, you’ll see that this wonderful soul has had her share of difficulties. I feel her age is significant, so I’m going to tell you she’s 68! That coupled with her challenges and the fast integration on her part of all the many blessings of Reiki is truly remarkable.

This line broke my heart and made it jump for joy all at the same time!

“I have the self confidence to stand up and be part of the world instead of just looking through the window watching.”

Read on, you won’t be disappointed!

I want to shout out to the world what Reiki has done for me!!!

Spiritually I am on a higher consciousness than ever before and know I can’t go a day without Reiki, this energy completes me.

Mentally I have gone from this scared creature who was afraid of her own shadow, completely dependent on others to validate my existence and I made everyone else in the world my Higher Power. Today, I am whole and complete with my Higher Power. There are no words to describe the self confidence one gains from learning how to live life as it was meant to be, honoring ourselves.

Physically the changes in my body are phenomenal. My body suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and neuropathy. After many years of being riddled with pain and damage I lost my balance, unable to stand for any length time, and couldn’t stand still without falling over. If that wasn’t enough, I lost 60% of sight in one eye so I kept running into walls and doorways.

Today my balance is far better than it ever was! I can do my standing meditation1 without pain or falling over, and my side doesn’t have bruises on it from running into solid objects. The brain has learned to compensate, it has found its balance. Once again I can hold my head up and walk with grace.

I would like to mention that I suffer from dyslexia and the older I got the worse it was getting. The loss of eyesight was making life difficult. I never would read out loud because of my stutter and the letters moving around so much — I just gave up.

Now, I read out loud without a second thought (as long as the text is large enough), and enjoy reading to others. The mind can focus now, I’m able to concentrate on being calm, allowing the brain to settle down so the letters and numbers stay still.

The focus now is incredible!

I have the self confidence to stand up and be part of the world instead of just looking through the window watching.

This “life force” has changed my life and helped me grow into the best being possible, and continue to grow and be better everyday.

I am so looking forward to learning Reiki II and furthering my studies after that. The possibilities are limitless, what can be accomplished with Reiki guiding our lives…

Pamir, you are an amazing Sensei. It is my honor to be your student.

— A.M., Goodyear, Arizona

1Standing Meditation is an adjunct practice I include in Level I. It doesn’t come from Usui Sensei’s original Japanese Reiki teachings, which is what I practice and teach. There are two major Reiki Meditations taught in Level I Reiki, however, and these are a core part of Usui’s Japanese Reiki, and what distinguish this kind of Reiki from all the other ones that are available. To learn more visit Meditation: The Roots of Reiki.

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