remote reiki healing gridThis is a multimedia post about how well Remote Reiki worked with a client who had high anxiety, regarding a screening for COVID-19 prior to surgery. Recent posts have addressed the undeniable value of Reiki in a global pandemic, but none have spoken to more specific applications such as Remote Reiki for COVID-19 test anxiety.

I got a panicked email on a recent Thursday morning about the 6″ swab that’s inserted nasally (yowza, had no idea!), plus the oral swab. On Fri of that week we proceeded with Nonlocal Reiki for the client at two different times.


This client:

  • Is on anti-nausea medication
  • Has a very sensitive gag reflex
  • The test site is a 90 min drive
  • Already has daily anxiety
  • Worried more about test than upcoming surgery

We did get a chance to finish Shoden, Level I Reiki prior to this and the client left for home state. An instructive part of the initial email is the question, “Can nonlocal Reiki help with this?!”

It’s instructive in two ways:

First even asking the question, probing that possibility.

Second. YES. My god, a thousand times YES, Reiki can be highly effective in some very unusual situations!

And in regular situations too of course.

For the COVID-19 test anxiety, we proceeded with one early morning session of Remote Reiki and one during the test appointment.

Great rivers of Reiki flowed through both times I administered Reiki Remote Healing on that Friday. It was quite remarkable.

What you see in the movie and the photos is the nonlocal Reiki grid set-up. The grid was used to place client’s identifying information and coordinates while driving to test site after the morning session, and for the trip back after the second session. Round trip it was three hours, so Reiki came in handy there as well. (Continued with client results below video ↓ sound on, there’s a soundtrack!)


The Remote Reiki Grid functioned really well again, because after the Friday of the COVID-19 screening, the surgery was on the Tuesday next. Of course on the Sunday prior we settled in for another Nonlocal Reiki session. In the days in between, and post-surgery for several days the grid powered through!

Little note: These are not crystal grids. I create them, and you can too, for specific purposes to assist Remote Reiki Healing and the often extraordinary situations for which Reiki is called in, and quite frankly is INDISPENSABLE!

Client texted me this after driving 3 hours round trip to test site. Must mention there’s an ongoing serious health condition as well with this lovely person. Test itself was very fast:

So relieved that the screening is over. I gagged on the oral swab. The nasal swab was a little tougher. The fact my anxiety had been quieted substantially since I heard from you on Thursday — your reassurance made it so much easier. I also did some Reiki Thursday as well [took Level I class with me locally, but lives in another state]. I was extremely anxious and nauseous Thursday AM. Friday’s first session was calming. As was the Reiki I received round 2. YOU DID WONDERS!!! I was pooped and slept about 12 hours. It was great.

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Reiki for COVID-19 Test Anxiety