The global COVID-19 pandemic shows just how comprehensive Reiki is, and how it has deep and flexible resources to be effective on multiple fronts. Reiki is ideal for an uncertain world with multiple, complex threats. Read on to learn how a complex world is better managed by comprehensive Reiki.

We keep hearing that viruses have been around for 1000s of years. That probably means other kinds may cause a similar health scare in the future. Have you considered learning Reiki for yourself and your family?

If you’re a Reiki practitioner, how rusty is your practice? Have you taken advantage of all this time at home to master some aspects of Reiki?

Whether we’re steeped in Reiki or brand new to it, another area that’s overlooked is just how many ways the Reiki teachings have to assist in almost any area of life.

There’s a tendency to think of Reiki as energy healing or chakra balancing, part of sound healing or yoga.

Reiki is a standalone teaching that includes energy and sound healing, holistic balance and harmony and offers tons more within its own, native practices.

These methods were mentioned in Quarantine Reiki, but not given that much detail. That post is more about how Reiki, also brings wholeness to another major thing that’s missing from our lives: The power, beauty and absolute necessity of touch.

Reiki is a profound and practical teaching all at once. Here are 4 ways in which Reiki is the perfect antidote to a pandemic and lockdown:

  1. Reiki Space Clearing
  2. Reiki Food & Water
  3. Reiki Immune Boosting
  4. Reiki Remote Healing
? Pamir Kiciman

The main practices of Authentic Japanese Reiki, Usui Sensei’s Japanese Reiki that I teach are specific Reiki Meditations, Palm Reiki for self and others, personal vibrational optimization, healing work in the psyche, Nonlocal Reiki (in Level II), working with primordial universal forces (Level II and above), mantra and yantra, Ki breath practices, and living with and from wisdom and compassion.

As you can see, Reiki is a detailed teaching with Levels of learning and its own understanding of how natural and cosmic principles work, as well as mind and spirituality.

Within all of that (and there’s more), the 4 methods above are the types of Reiki applications which even practitioners may not think of, or have forgotten about. Next are some details on how in a complex world, Reiki has comprehensive and simple solutions.

Reiki Space Clearing

The beauty of clearing your home’s energy with Reiki is that after each application, the universal vibrations Reiki brings build and accumulate in your space. Reiki certainly isn’t the only way to cleanse and charge a room or home, but it IS truly vibrational and has other powerful benefits.

These are Reiki’s ability to holistically address many layers at once. This is true when you receive Reiki from a practitioner, or when you learn it and practice on yourself. Reiki heals, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This is no different when Reiki’ng a room or home. Sometimes when you start, you’re not sure what needs cleansing. Let Reiki decide for you. Keep it simple.

Reiki Food & Water

This application isn’t only for a lockdown. What I teach my Level I Reiki students in the Shoden class, is that our food and water are compromised. We do what we can to source the cleanest, healthiest, chemical-free nourishment, but sharing Reiki with your food and water increases its vitality or life force, the very thing that Reiki is as it flows through you!

Reiki is more than life force alone, but this essential life energy is missing from much of the world’s food supply. Water too is a global issue. There are a lot of bad practices by municipalities and industry has affected the quality and purity of our groundwater considerably.

Reiki Immune Boosting

In Level I you learn how to give yourself Reiki with your own hands. This is one of the very unique features and benefits of these teachings. With this application you’re able to manage your own health and wellness, but again because of Reiki’s holistic nature, you’re able to also manage and heal your thoughts and emotions, and find your own natural spirituality.

In a sense, your immune system gets a boost by default if you practice Reiki self-treatments regularly. The vitality that Reiki puts back into your tomatoes is the same vitality that heals. Giving yourself Reiki several times a week simply keeps you healthy and well.

When you feel low immunity, then you can target your immune system with Reiki. Please refer to this post for details.

Reiki Remote Healing

In the Okuden class (Level II Reiki) you learn to embody and work with primordial forces of creation. One ability that opens up as a result is Nonlocal Reiki or Reiki given to someone who is not physically in the same room as the practitioner.

It isn’t only someone; it’s not only for people. You can remote Reiki natural disasters, the coronavirus itself, distressed populations, institutions, corporations, even the Earth herself! The list is endless.

Also known as Reiki Remote Healing, having the power and means to be effective across the globe is a big deal!

This special application of Reiki is even functional during a pandemic where we can’t touch.

The main concern now is to remain healthy. But stress, boredom, listlessness, stuckness, emotional congestion, not being inspired or motivated, physical inactivity are all a part of a host of issues being in quarantine imposes on us.

We have to remember that there’s a cascading effect too: Stress for example lowers immune response. Reiki busts stress in no time. Our outlook affects our physical health. Well, Reiki heals mentally and emotionally too. In times of fear, the mind ruminates, “will I catch it”? or “did I wash my hands”?

Rumination leads to stress which makes the original thoughts worse. Again, stress affects physical wellness and weakens our immune system. This is just one example of how much coverage Reiki has, simultaneously addressing complex, interrelated dynamics with simplicity and effectiveness.

Our world is overpopulated. Climate change has not been addressed. The full economic impact of a shutdown of this size is yet to be seen. Already it’s very difficult for folks. Again, that’s a population who can receive nonlocal Reiki from Reiki practitioners! Anyone out of work or unable to qualify for various monies now available. Reiki those folks!

I was wrapping this up, but another example of how Reiki can be applied just wrote itself above!

Reiki is amazing. It works. It’s simple.

The world is big and under duress. A lot of it doesn’t work. It ain’t simple!

Do yourself a favor. Learn Reiki.

If already trained, spruce up your dusty practice!

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