A soul must do what a soul must do!

When we mistake the choices we’ve made, for the labels family and others put on us and judge us by, we don’t realize that a force within us follows a path that it MUST. To the outside observer or the rational mind some choices make no sense; even to the human herself it may be confusing. Yet, life happens and you come to certain nexuses and you turn this way or that.

That’s because there’s a meta narrative to a person’s life; the narrative of the soul.

This isn’t the societally acceptable trajectory of grade school, college, family, career, and the expectations and projections of family and peers. In fact, many of the choices that are RIGHT for your soul SEEM completely wrong to the human you are, confined by society and conventions.

Also confined with wherever one’s perceptions are. There isn’t always an awareness and acknowledgment or acceptance of the spiritual in one’s life.

Soul denial is tragic and leads to the loss of one’s gifts. Even when there’s an awakening and soul is recognized within, as one gets to know their gifts, fully locating and activating them is hindered by the unbelief of the people who say they love you.

When people don’t believe in you, it’s because they don’t recognize their own soul and purpose. This doesn’t make it any less damaging or hurtful. It’s your soul they don’t recognize, just like they don’t recognize their own. When you fight for your soul’s calling, the unseeing party just thinks you want to slack off or chase pipe dreams!

That’s a sad situation. But fight you must! For you have much beauty to share with the world. In fact, everything everyone says is weird about you, is exactly what you want to encourage and pursue.

Max Bill, from ‘Quinze variations sur un même thème’

The gold in you seeks expression. It wants to be seen and heard. It wants to manifest through you! That’s what we’re all attempting on this little planet. But when we reach for ego goals and don’t bring the input of the soul to see if they can merge, or worse when the soul’s vision is THE one we need to align with, then things go very topsy-turvy.

We chase ego goals because that’s all we know (spiritual ignorance), pressure from family and peers, and societal expectations and norms, and because of fear. However, no matter how blind we’re to the spiritual, by our very nature we ARE spiritual, intuitive and soulful. Thus, it often happens that these whisperings, impulses, energies, messages come from the soul, creep in and move you in ways that make huge changes in your life, that others fail to understand.

Or you succumb to the norm. You push soul farther and farther away. Then hit the grindstone. Just get lost in the drama of life and work.

Never deny the uniqueness and voice of your soul. I did and it cost me dearly. It cost me nearly an entire lifetime.

This plays out in different ways. One could indeed be fulfilling their soul purpose, while still struggling to fully actualize it. Some dabble and it doesn’t go beyond that. Others are stuck in ego frames. Some let their soul out only when under the influence of substances. If aligned, we can soar!

Once soul is allowed in and has a place at the table, it isn’t necessarily easy or instant or all bliss. It’s soul work! It has to be wrought. There’s a process of actualizing the whole field of possibilities that come with the soul. It can be messy and beautiful, powerful and sorrowful all at the same time.

The initial denial, however, from those who are supposed to love you, and later the limited vision you settle for because that’s the easy fit, without even considering the soul angle, together with the entire materialistic brainwashing that comes with it, THAT is hugely damaging. It damages people.

When soul is recognized and integrated (this takes real work), naturalness to who you are returns, and with it you feel normal in the special, unique way it is for you to feel at home with yourself. You feel at home with your body, your being, your heart.

There’s a trueness there and a consistency. You can rely on soul to show up with you in every single moment. When it does, it’s revolutionary for you. It revolutionizes your entire outlook and it mellows you too. It’s a powerful mellow though. Many previous people, situations, energies who don’t support soul vision won’t be tolerated well. Peace comes and stillness. You value silence and self-honoring time and activities.

These are only some of the gifts of the soul. The gift of lifetimes.

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The Narrative of the Soul