We have a different standard with our spirituality than any other aspect of our life. One way this shows up is difficulty in even implementing a spiritual practice and being consistent with it.

Another major way this standard shows up is whenever life gets hard, spirituality goes out the window. We become indifferent to it, not realizing indifference spreads to other areas and it’s deadening.

First, this is one great reason to practice your spirituality when life is routine and basically good. This gives you reserves for the times when spiritual practice isn’t as frequent and focused.

However, not showing up at all for your spirituality when times are tough isn’t woke! Not one bit!

You’re really doing yourself a disservice with this standard.

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Let’s look at some scenarios:

  • Physical body troubles so you attend to your body.
  • Emotional times so you attend to that.
  • Financial difficulty? You address it.
  • Mental stress and you find a solution.

Great. Your spirituality? When none of the above is happening, if I feel like it. Okay fine.

Just remember, your spiritual self is going through every single life scenario with you. It’s the silent witness to your life but it isn’t immune from it. Your spiritual self needs just as much love, care and attention as your physical, emotional, mental and financial selves.

Every other kind of distress has you making sacrifices, occupies all your attention and has you disconnected from the rest of the full you.

When it comes to spirituality though, sacrifices are scarce somehow. Willingness and dedication isn’t there. Yet this is the self that can float you through tough scenarios, it has so many resources for you.

Yes, it needs TLC too. What it desperately needs though is a bond with you!

As with practice being a routinely accepted part of sports, music, dance and many other fields we have a double standard when it comes to spirituality. We resist practicing spirituality. We resist our own spirituality.

We drop everything else when it comes to any other area of our life that’s in crisis, but don’t do the same to maintain your spirituality, to find the balance and give it time too in the midst of everything.

That’s when you need it the most. That’s when spirituality delivers its payload.

Anyone can meditate on a secluded beach!

Also, what is this notion that spirituality can only be active and engaged when conditions are perfect? There really isn’t such a thing anyhow. Life is a series of events.

Spirituality isn’t this start-stop thing every time life throws a curve ball.

There are no guarantees. We don’t know that the next year or even six months will be smooth sailing. The only real choice here is to keep our spirituality fully engaged, fresh and ALIVE!

Our spiritually is no different than any other aspect of our lives. It too requires sacrifices.

You sacrifice sleep to get the day’s meditation in, but with time you sleep better and need less of it.

Rather than crashing on your only time off because things are rough at the moment, you find the juice to go to a healing or spiritual event, or make ceremony yourself at home.

Later you find that while things may remain rough, it feels less so to you.

This is how it feeds us, if we feed it.

The saddest part is that those who are already awake, already aware of their spirituality have this standard set with their own spiritual bond.

It’s a big blessing to even consider one’s spirituality. Once that hurdle has been encountered and it’s a real hurdle, to then ignore the treasure and resource, the enlivening and serenity-spreading power and beauty of one’s spirituality and spiritual practice is a strange approach to life.

Spirituality isn’t separated from life with all of its sordid details, or its refinery and beauty. Therefore, NOW is the perfect time to engage your spirituality. Now. There’s no other time.

For most people, spirituality is a disembodied notion, one that’s not tethered to daily life or one mistakenly left to the waning hours of life.

The problem is that the search for meaning and purpose is an ancient nag that’s hardwired in our DNA—it simply doesn’t go away until there’s at least some satisfaction and fulfillment.

— Pamir Kiciman, Are You a Path Walker or Toe-Dipper?


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