Critical work is being done on our planet now. Spiritual healing work. Light work. There’s a group of people involved in this work. What’s obvious to this group is that time on the planet is fast running out. Among all the resources that are running out, TIME is the one that’s being ignored.

There’s no doubt that our planet is changing. More than 7 billion humans are impacting the planet in dramatic ways. World leaders and multinational corporations have not addressed our changing planet in a timely manner. In fact, there are many forces with deep pockets who are actively resisting the urgency of the situation, all for power and short-term profits.

We’ve broken our bond with the Earth. It’s that simple. The Earth is here to provide life, make life possible. It’s lovingly generous in all of her provisions. The problem is humanity’s insatiable greed and major disconnection from the sacred.

How to ensure the future of the planet isn’t what I want to talk about. That’s such a big deal and deserves all of our attention and willingness. Simultaneously, there’s another aspect and it’s what the above-mentioned group of people all over the world are feeling and addressing.

Time is a funny thing. We have it, wear it, look at it, wake up and go to sleep to it. It’s also true that time doesn’t exist. But on a physical planet, with humans and creatures in physical bodies, time certainly does exist.

Ancient Greeks had two words for time: Kronos and Kairos. Kronos refers to chronological time. Kairos signifies a time in between, a moment of undetermined length in which something special happens. Kronos measures, it goes tick tock and is quantitative. Kairos is qualitative in nature, it flows. Kairos brings meaning because it’s accessed in those moments we transcend the finiteness of time.

Pamir Kiciman – Of Clocks and Calendars

Art by Faith Nolton

When it comes to awakening, healing and co-partnering with the Earth once again time is indeed seriously scarce. This is a physical planet and we’re in physical bodies. Our spiritual and inner work, as well as how that translates to those around us and the outer world, takes place IN time.

The world meanwhile is on fire! We can’t hide from this. Politically, socially, environmentally, climate, human rights and every other major sector.

Many individuals are also not doing their needed healing work. Even some on a spiritual path or engaged in awakening.

The pressures of the times we live in, the constant fear-mongering and real world events that are fearful, the economic squeeze of the rich getting richer, large economies growing in Asia, the balance of world power being on unequal footing, widespread hacking personal and international, and the distortion of reality, the manipulation of outcomes… the list is long.

The point is we feel all this and it diminishes our own power, our own growth, our own intentions to do good for ourselves, our families, each other and the world.

Folks, we’re in a time of COMMITMENT. Our inner work must accelerate. Our ability for being a Light in the world must accelerate. Opening other hearts and minds to the wonders of the spiritual must accelerate. Healing ourselves and the world must accelerate.

The raw truth is that being in physical incarnation is for specific purposes. There’s work that can be done only in this realm. The world as we know it is under threat. We don’t know right now, if we can collectively get together and ensure a world that’s healthy, loving and livable.

What we can ensure is that we use our time wisely and commit to dedicated personal and global spiritual growth and healing. This isn’t the type of inner work that you fit in between whatever is in daily busyness (a lot of busyness we manufacture and it can be heavily trimmed!).

It’s a single-pointed practice. A Heart call. You hear it and you answer with your presence everyday. We must show up spiritually and increasingly everyday.

Spiritual work on the planet is the priority. It’s critical.


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