compassion reiki healing It’s Spring now. Every Spring the Earth is renewed. There’s compassion in that. Staying perpetually in winter wouldn’t be healthy and balanced. Compassion is part of this process, even though we don’t normally think of it in this way.

It’s the same with every season or cycle. The dormant state of winter only serves well for so long. Spring can’t last forever and finds culmination in summer. After summer burns out, fall or autumn must emerge with its colors and muted light.

This isn’t just natural cycles. There’s guidance and safeguards because cycling seasons is the best way for life to continue. Compassion says let the light in and show the world what germinated in the dark, for it must come to fruition!

If compassion is observable in the workings of our planetary ecosystem, coaxing the seasons to change so each one can manifest its fullness, then the same applies to our internal ecosystem.

Compassion is the ultimate balm and most corrective place we can be, without all the usual baggage.

Somehow we still miss it. Probably because of the baggage we have, because it’s ridden with guilt, blame, shame and unworthiness.

Compassion doesn’t operate in the realm of the mind games we play, or wounds we lug around.

Compassion is a spiritual force of good and healing.

Compassion supplants the status quo, whether it’s inharmony in one’s own psyche or between people, or even groups of people. For it isn’t only the internal or local, but the social and even global static that compassion can smooth and address.

The presence of compassion means all this happens without the normal hurdles when operating from wounds and entrenched positions. The only hurdle is finding compassion, making it a working part of our own make-up.

As above though, it’s woven in already into the fabric of life. Seasons, internal spaces, community spaces, international forums can always be filled with compassion.

Empathy has its dark side and sympathy is sentimental. But compassion is a real force. Just look at the Dalai Lama and how he’s advocated for Tibet and human rights in facing the force of the Chinese government.

Compassion reduces our fear, boosts our confidence, and opens us to inner strength. By reducing distrust, it opens us to others and brings us a sense of connections with them and a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

— Dalai Lama

What’s the point of resisting such an amazing solution?!

The sprout can’t resist the outward movement. The blossom can’t resist the push of color. Neither can the fruit resist getting plump with sweetness.

Humans must respond with compassion especially now since our sheer numbers are having a major impact on the planet, resources and the collective near present and future.

We live in giant buckets of beliefs, prejudices, entitlement, hurts and complaints forever arguing with other buckets about our right to exist and express, while mass violence, climate change, toxic leaders, mass human rights abuses and rampant consumerism are destroying all we hold dear.

Let’s give compassion a try. Compassion is very real. It’s not this mushy thing that our culture thinks it is.


Spirituality: The Unifying Bond of Life

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