Today we have a couple of beautiful illustrations of Reiki and animals, how responsive animals are to Reiki and how much it helps them.

As I always say in my Reiki classes, animals are very open to Reiki. They feel the love in it and have fewer obscuring filters than humans.

The descriptions below are by the same practitioner. The first one is after Level I, the second one is after Level II. Both Reiki classes were with me. There’s mention of 21 days which refers to the approximately 3 weeks of integration that’s needed and takes place after Reiki teachings are given during each Level of Reiki (I, II and III).

The second experience describes two methods that a student receives in Level II. One is Gyoshi-ho which describes ‘Reiki with the eyes’ and is essentially the ‘gaze of compassion.’ The other is the mention of chanting a ‘Reiki mantra’ which are specific sounds a student receives in Level II to work with specific universal forces.

After Shoden (Level I):

Since the beginning of my 21-day practice, I started to notice more and more wildlife coming closer to our back yard. Cranes, ducks and their ducklings, turtles, lizards, Bahama lizards, the neighborhood stray cats, raccoons and hawks. I was blessed with an opportunity to give Reiki to a 4″ lizard and the story goes like this:

There was a beautiful, large conch shell out back that I thought would look great inside the house. It had dirt on the inside so it was suggested I place it on the steps of the pool to soak and clean itself. I left it there for about 2 hours and when I picked it up and started shaking it to get all the water out, a tiny lizard fell out and appeared to be floating lifeless in the pool. I ran to grab the net, scooped him out and as soon as I placed him on the ground he started to move so I was relieved that he was still alive. I immediately fell to my knees about a foot away from the lizard and held out my hands to give him Reiki. Much to my surprise, the lizard did not run away. Instead, he stayed there for about 15 minutes taking the Reiki as I could feel the pulsing between us. I had to get up as my knees were on cement the whole time and when I did the lizard didn’t run away. He stayed on a little while longer and then started to walk away.

After Okuden (Level II):


I practice this method every time I look at my cat. I was sitting around the pool one day and noticed a very pregnant Bahama lizard looking up at me about 1.5 feet away. I began to lovingly gaze at her and she took it for about 15 minutes.

The Universe gifted me with another golden opportunity to practice Gyoshi-ho on a turtle that was laying eggs in our front yard. She was about 2 feet from our window and the entire event lasted 1.5-2 hours. She was very aware of my presence keeping her eyes on me the whole time. I communicated with her psychically letting her know just how great she was doing and that she was safe with every step of her labor and held my hands on the window chanting a Reiki mantra. I never took my eyes off of her and managed to video a few minutes of this wonderful event. When she was done laying her eggs, she dug back the dirt to cover them up and proceeded to walk away to the side of the house back to the canal. I prayed that I would be able to snap a photo of her from our side window and what happened next took me by surprise. She stopped right in the middle of the window long enough for me to grab my camera then stretched her neck and looked right up at me as I snapped her photo. Within 2 seconds she continued her walk back to the canal. Perhaps she was thanking Reiki.

— L.W., Hollywood, Florida

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