Breathing in, I am aware that there’s irritation in me. Breathing out, I smile to my irritation. Breathing in, I am aware that there are worries in me. Breathing out, I take care of my worries. Our irritation or worries are like our baby. We use our breathing to generate the energy of mindfulness in order to embrace our worries and our fear.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Most of us stop breathing in those moments of irritation and worry. There’s little awareness. Thoughts and actions are on autopilot. We survive.

Or do we?

The body is primed to breathe. It will take in oxygen. Thoughts will settle and we’ll move on. Function.

In the quote, there’s awareness of our feeling state. Then its embracing. We’re starting off from not being present even.

We have to start somewhere. And it’s worth it.

And the wind caressed the land… © Sabri Garrasi

So worth it.

Fear, worry, irritation cloud happiness. We want happiness. It’s naturally available.

We have to make ourselves available. To happiness. Contentment.

We have to avail ourselves of the miracle of breath and breathing!

Wellness improves when we take care of feelings that are prickly, instead of brushing them aside. This heals such feelings. As the backlog is cleared, more and more space becomes available for wellness and happiness.

This opens breathing and awareness. They are both miracles. So you walk out of that into this. It’s fresh.

You are you. Days are days. People are people. Life is life. But you are now unweary.

And better. It’s all better.

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Being Unweary