What a Healer Knows: The healer knows healing is a mystery and revels that it’s so. Being a mystery doesn’t make healing unknowable. Healing is learned by practice on self and others, but known only when it becomes your worldview. In knowing healing, the healer knows it doesn’t follow convention. The healer knows convention can’t vision the healed hiding under the unhealed.

— Pamir Kiciman

20130811_160713-001rsHealing is a specialty. It has unique qualities, its own environment and set of parameters. Healing is largely unknown in the modern world. It has been replaced by medicine. The two aren’t simpatico. The Nature of the Healing Process deals with this essential split.

Healing is a mindset and worldview. It isn’t a one-time experience or a single intervention. Healing is a necessity and lifestyle. For everyone of us. The Way of Healing details these finer points.

Change, transformation and healing are cyclical. Spiral of Healing explains what that means. Healing happens in layers. Some layers are super thick. Some layers are compounded. Applied, long-term healing creates a momentum.

Healing works best in the company of spirituality and meditation. The person in a healing process must participate in their own healing. There are no outside-in fixes. Not really. Healing, Meditation and Spirituality are Linked and Work Together gets into this.

Our human needs healing. That’s healing down. Our true nature wants more real estate in our life. That’s healing up. We’re multidimensional. Healing Up and Healing Down digs into this.

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None of these are exhaustive. For example if you click on the Healing category on this blog, a great many other informative, possibly life-changing content will be found!

Courage is the first step in healing. Courage prevents hiding in status quo and helps you initiate healing actions. Personally or collectively, courage empowers the right Yes and No for healing change. Courage allows you to admit and confess. With that permission, healing begins.

— Pamir Kiciman

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