Reiki Stories ProjectLet’s face it. Reiki doesn’t get the research dollars it deserves. And if it did, what would be revealed? What we already know? Or less, perhaps, as the instruments of science are often not subtle enough to quantify Reiki.

Anecdotal evidence isn’t respected much in the scientific community. Yet, when there aren’t high-quality research studies, anecdotal evidence is immediately mentioned.

It’s a strange mix. To me, first-person accounts are as true and powerful (more so?) than anything that shows up on a screen or under a microscope.

We observe Reiki when we give and receive it, meditate with Reiki’s native methods, practice its repertoire of methods, and share it with our pets, food, water and the spaces we inhabit. Witnessing Reiki during Reiki is about the best research study there is!

Observation or awareness is the entire basis of personal development, spiritual growth and success in any arena. That’s why these Reiki stories are a win-win.

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.


— Muriel Rukeyser

The following is an amazing illustration of how Reiki is a complete life-solution. It also speaks to the efficacy of Reiki if, as counseled in every class by yours truly 🙂 , it’s immediately implemented and one’s daily Reiki routines are set up and a commitment to practice is made.

All of this in 21 days! Then it continues. The growth, healing, empowerment, self-assurance, consciousness expansion.

Please enjoy and learn. To submit your Reiki story, refer to this header post.


Since taking Reiki 1 my life has changed in small meaningful ways and in significant life-course-changing ways. I have sought spiritual teachings before and each one has enriched me and inspired growth. Reiki has exponentially expanded upon what I already knew. When I reflect on these 3 weeks – I am validated and grateful for this gift of tremendous healing and enlightenment.


I am evolving; becoming more calm, grounded, self-assured and able to make decisions from the core of who I am. People and circumstances do not disrupt my peace, if they do I have the tools to return to peace. When emotions, physical discomfort, etc., came up during the 21 days I meditated or repeated to myself “For Today Only,” (part of the Reiki Precepts) which reminded me it was temporary and coming forward to be released.


I made what I had previously considered an insurmountable decision which had been sapping my spirit, my strength, focus and commitment to living my life fully. When I made and spoke aloud my decision…I felt euphoric. I made the decision last week and today I still feel myself gathering strength, things continuing to shift. Taking action to tie-up loose ends is liberating and empowering. This decision coupled with the opportunity to have everything necessary “fall into place” is exactly what I asked for. To accomplish this during the 21 days after Reiki 1 is truly phenomenal and is creating a ripple effect of change far into my future. I feel it. I know it…


I give Reiki to myself or other people… I know what needs to be healed, I know where my hands need to go and where they need to stay. The experiences leave me extremely relaxed yet energized and clear. I Reiki my apartment, appliances, documents, situations, etc. I Reiki my food and beverages, my dog’s food and water, and products I use on both of us…


I find Hikari no Kokyu-ho and Gassho Kokyu-ho (Reiki Meditations. Read Meditation: the Roots of Reiki) very easy to do, so simple and incredibly powerful. I almost immediately slip into a serenity. The time goes by in a blink. I enjoy so much being in beautiful healing energy. I alternate my practice, I don’t necessarily prefer one over the other. I feel a more seamless flow of Reiki, blockages have cleared and are continuing to clear. I feel the difference and improvement. I also measured the midpoint of my body to better visualize the location of my Hara (Read The Hara: A Physical and Spiritual Center) which helps with all my practices.


Kenyoku-ho is a quick useful exercise that creates an immediate result of calm tranquility and clarity which resonates from me to my living space. It’s like blowing clouds away and bringing in sunshine in a matter of seconds. Nentatsu-ho is a favorite too. I used it from the start with my first affirmation I created in class…


I give Reiki to my dog… I Reiki her when she is receptive and let her body posture guide me. I pet her or massage her and give her Reiki. She has come to me specifically to receive it on her own accord. She places herself in front of me and looks over her shoulder as if silently asking, just like she did the first evening.


In my volunteer activities at the cat shelter I give Reiki to the shelter itself and to the cats. I Reiki the food, water and medication. Some cats now follow me around as if drawn by an invisible string, some are a bit shy but once I touch them they don’t want me to stop. Skittish ones now approach me…


When greeting people with a hug or a touch in the course of conversation I feel Reiki. When I’m near certain people I feel stronger sensations in my hands and body. On Saturday evening I was with a group of people and experienced an awareness of where people needed healing. I was in the group but felt like an observer. I felt compelled with some people to act on those feelings…


It has been an amazing 21 days and I can’t fully express with words what Reiki has added to my life; it is the sum total of everyday tiny little things to great big things and it is just too profound. I want very much to continue on this path, for myself and for others.


— L.S., Pompano Beach, Florida


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