Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Southern Iceland by Andy Lee
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Southern Iceland by Andy Lee

Healing is a way, a pathway. It’s a way of living and a way of being. It has a mindset and a worldview. More significantly, it has its own heart space.

Healing is also a personal responsibility. If we don’t heal our stuff, we abuse others with it, project it onto the people and world around us.

All that remains to be healed inside comes into form on the outside, as we subject everyone in our life to it over and over.

Unhealed stuff poisons relationships, families and communities. Each individual has the responsibility to recognize what they need to heal and step onto the way of healing with no holds barred.

We resist healing rather stubbornly. There’s pain there and we want to avoid it. We resist it because healing isn’t the norm. It’s not the conversation that happens around the water cooler. We resist it because we’d do anything not to feel vulnerable.

Suffering is a call for enquiry, all pain needs investigation.

— Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Japanese word for “way” is . When added as a suffix to an activity, it signifies that that activity is an art with a life philosophy. The activity may be a martial art, poetry, painting, calligraphy or flowering arranging. is also experiential in the sense that when the prescribed way of life is practiced, results are borne.

Another syllable that illustrates this point is ho that’s used often in Japanese forms of Reiki. Ho simply means method or way. It’s added to the end of the names of some Reiki practices. In fact, Reiki could properly be called Reiho referring to the whole teaching of this art which utilizes the consciousness and vibration of Reiki (spiritual consciousness vibration).

Healing is a way of living. And a necessity. For every single human being.

Healing is not to be sought only if one is ill, there’s a disease, condition or trauma in the physical body, there’s emotional turmoil or mental adversity.

Certainly then. But also regardless of what’s in our face. There doesn’t have to be crises on any level for us to seek healing. In fact if we’re in the way of healing, crises may well be averted.

What usually happens is that even when there’s significant trauma, especially trauma that leaves marks in the psyche, it’s brushed over. We cope and function, we put on our bravery mask and armor and off we go living. But what kind of living is it?

Is it a quality life? Is it truthful? Does it include wellness, even thriving? Is there integrity? Happiness? Peace?

It’s in the nature of life that there’s hurt. We’re all subjected to pain and suffering. No one is exempt.

Counterbalance is also in the nature of life. That’s why there’s healing available. One without the other would belie the wisdom and intelligence that infuses life. Healing is available, but it’s a choice. The individual has to make the choice.

The choice to be willing. To be vulnerable. To show up and stop hiding, numbing, deflecting, blaming, swallowing their pain away.

When the choice to heal isn’t made we suffer and we make everyone we’re connected to suffer as well.

Even in the running away from hurting, there is hurting. In opening unprotected to the experience that is enslaving you with its torment, there is the willingness to be free. Are you willing? Or do you just want to wait until the world finally gets it and does it your way?

— Gangaji

Healing is based in love. It sources in love and has love as its central tenet. This isn’t watery or sentimental love. It’s a love that can be like steel or like a petal. It’s pliable but strong. It gives and can be tough too.

It’s a love that says yes until no is appropriate. Not foolish, but awake and wise is the love found in healing. It knows where to draw the line but does so lovingly. It nourishes and strengthens.

Love is the worldview of healing. It’s the heart space that’s cultivated to facilitate healing in oneself first then others. In that heart space is possibility. We must all heal the wounds of existence. When we end inner strife, love is allowed to blossom on earth. Conflict ends with love and peace emerges there too.


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