yellow flower blue boardsDifficulties arise within us. Every single person has various negative states that invade their inner experience. Some are temporary, some are longstanding. We’re able to move through some with a little attention and help. Others require a deeper commitment to change. Whatever the case is, negative states can be healed and transformed. The possibility and opportunity are always there.

There’s a looping mechanism that happens with negative states. They repeat and repeat. As they repeat, they become stronger and stronger. We also feed them with more and more stories and evidence that after a while become so easy to find.

Any difficulty that has established itself in our psyche and hasn’t been processed is going to take on a life of its own. It’s going to make a home for itself within and influence how we feel, think and behave.

The worse the original wound, the more real estate it will take up inside. The longer it takes us to acknowledge and begin to heal it, the more real estate it will occupy.

With more passing time the original wound may also become unrecognizable, prolonging change and healing.

In fact, this is exactly what happens. Life events pile up on top of an original wound and/or wounding happens at a young age when there’s less ability to address it. Whatever the scenario, the wound gets buried but it still has much power. It continues to influence thoughts, feelings and behavior for many years down the road.

What options are there?

The task in meditation is to drop below the level of the repeated recorded message, to sense the energy that brings it up. When we can do this, and truly come to terms with the feeling, the thought will no longer need to arise, and the pattern will naturally fade away.

— Jack Kornfield

First, let’s also add healing to meditation and the fact that either one or a combination will bring about the same result. Really any true psychospiritual way of processing the events of a life will be effective if there’s commitment to it.

Self-help and self-healing are always available. There are situations and time periods that are going to require an experienced facilitator. The work we do on ourselves can prepare us to see a professional helper and to continue the work in all the days of our life.

When there’s a chronically unattended deep wound and the many-branched entanglements it produces over time, it’s very difficult to feel its reality, to really know anything about it. As the suffering this causes becomes impossible to bear, openings begin to happen in one’s awareness that move a person to seek help and put help into place for themselves as well.

Initially the help is about creating space around the suffering and bringing relief to the present. Later spaciousness is offered to the wound itself in the form of willingness, communication, embracing and love.

As you gently relax into awareness, into listening, the mind’s compulsive contraction around objects will fade.

— Adyashanti

There has to be willingness so the process can begin. There has to be communication within so the process can continue and deepen. There has to be embracing because we pull away from suffering. There has to be love because without it healing is impossible.

Ultimately we embrace ourselves, we love ourselves.

You can learn to selectively water the positive seeds and flowers in you by attending to them. There are enough weeds. You don’t have to encourage them.

— Thomas Bien

And we continue to communicate with all our inner parts. This keeps us open and we’re able to function as a whole.


Wounds, Love, Wholeness
Healing, Meditation and Spirituality are Linked and Work Together

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Healing Our Wounding