When there’s a lot of content, it’s useful to compile and highlight it after some time has gone by, both for new readers of the blog and old ones who may look at the material with new eyes. This blog has been published since 2007 and indeed there’s a lot of quality content. Plus, we change, we evolve, we go through things and when we revisit what’s already been read, often it can have new meaning, or more meaning, or perhaps be meaningful for the first time.

Previously this compilation of Reiki-related posts was published.

Today the subject is Meditation:

Meditation doesn’t have to look or be any particular way. You don’t need ochre robes or flexible joints to meditate. You can keep your belief system. You can still go to your job in the morning, and tuck your kids into bed at night. With meditation, it’s still your life… only, it’s brighter and fresher. There’s a sense of well-being, better flow and greater contentment. You feel clearer and your heart is naturally full. Anxiety melts, stress dissipates and you don’t crash on weekends.


— Pamir Kiciman, from The Life of Meditation

One can’t say or write enough about meditation. It’s been around for thousands of years and is probably one of the most misunderstood practices we have. Not certain what the challenge is, except that meditation seems to be counter to our established habits. Our habitual patterns aren’t necessarily good for us. They’re what we know, what we’ve been educated and socialized into.

Ironically, when we connect with our true nature after a period of committed meditation, it feels most natural and straightforward.

Meditation is based on the premise that the natural state of the mind is calm and clear. — Sakyong Mipham

Below will be a list of posts published here regarding meditation. Do check them out. Another resource I have is on a platform called Scoop.It. This is a curation platform that allows you to create content around specific subjects and curate that content, much like a museum curator would. In other words, it allows you to offer the best of the best.

My topic there is titled Meditation Mindfulness Compassion. I already selected the posts there that are tagged meditation. Click here to visit it. By the way, my topic is award-winning as “incredibly highly-recommended in the Self Improvement Interest” and you’ll see the yellow ribbon at the top!


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Compilation of Meditation Posts

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