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You are all very much appreciated. To have an audience to write for has a lot of value for a writer like myself. A blog has many ways to drill down its content and find what you’re looking for: categories, archives and search (at the bottom of every page). I’ve decided to also publish ‘compilation’ posts every once in a while, based on one subject matter or theme. We’re starting with Reiki, as this is the Reiki Help Blog after all! You’ll find links to this compilation below the image with the quote.

I believe in quality content. Only reading what comes into your inbox from the Reiki Help Blog is a somewhat passive way to participate in this community. By highlighting certain past posts, I hope to stimulate all of you. There’s a lot of richness to discover and rediscover here.

Perhaps you’re a new subscriber and don’t realize this blog has been published since 2007! Maybe you don’t always have the chance to fully absorb posts that come to your email. Many times, reading something over a second or third time brings many new insights.

I see statistics on my end of what’s read, how many times it’s read only in email version, how many times people click to go to the blog itself, etc. Most of you read posts in your email. Thank you for that! Again, as a writer, to have an audience is gratifying.

It’s my hope that the Reiki Help Blog community will become more engaged in sharing posts with friends, commenting on posts and asking questions, and bringing your input to the conversation. I do monitor comments and always respond. It’s with these intentions that these ‘collection’ posts will be coming throughout the year, as another way to bring even more value to you, my dear readers!

Reiki is a wisdom tradition 2
Compilation of Reiki posts (there are many others, but these are the selections this time around):
How the Dual Practices of Reiki Lead to Oneness
Reiki Boosts Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Capacities
Reiki as Mindful, Awake Touch
The Non-Practice of Hands-On Reiki
Lose Your Head to Find It (How the 5 Reiki Precepts play out between the head and the hara)

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Compilation of Reiki Posts