The following will probably be in two parts. More quotes than usual are included because they are portals to truth and each worthy of contemplation.
The quotes that accompany this writing come from the same wisdom source as the teachings that are being highlighted here and in the previous post: The One-Two Combo of Wisdom Teachings and Nonduality.

You cannot transmit wisdom and insight to another person. The seed is already there.


— Thich Nhat Hanh

Wisdom and insight are components of awakening. The seed of awakening is already within.

Wherever you are is the perfect place to awaken.


— Jack Kornfield

Awakening is at work whenever you want to improve yourself, although there are degrees of awakening and differences in the nature of awakening. You can improve physically, mentally, in your career. These all lead to growth. Inevitably there’s suffering.

When we start to suffer, it tells us something very valuable. It means that we are not seeing the truth, and we are not relating from the truth.


— Adyashanti

The Buddha’s teaching directly addresses suffering. His first noble truth is: “There is suffering.” The Buddha was one, albeit giant, representative of truth. What he imparted to humanity is a wisdom teaching.

Wisdom teachings have been given to humanity since the dawn of time, in all historical periods, in all cultures.

No matter when or where these teachings are found, they all provide access to knowledge and practices which alleviate suffering and unlock the mystery of life. They are a set of solutions to the conundrum of having a human incarnation (with all its earthbound challenges), yet also having an essence that’s immaterial and unbound.

Part of spiritual and emotional maturity is recognizing that it’s not like you’re going to try to fix yourself and become a different person. You remain the same person, but you become awakened.


— Jack Kornfield

Meditation is about seeing clearly the body that we have, the mind that we have, the domestic situation that we have, the job that we have, and the people who are in our lives. It’s about seeing how we react to all these things.


— Pema Chödrön

Let’s expand on the conundrum every human faces. There’s a physical body which is identified as one’s own, and it is, it’s not someone else’s body. This body as wonderful as it is has limits, and it’s living in a material world with its own limits and human laws. This body has a name attached to it and one is identified by both the body and the name.

Already the person is in bit of a bind because there are many things to learn, socialization to go through, achievements to call one’s own, love, happiness, health and money to be had.

The body in which one identifies who they are is mortal. The psychosocial person living in the body strives to fulfill all its needs and aspirations with whatever the world can facilitate. Whether that’s a lot or a little, there’s always another tug, one that’s missed many times but persists.

The tug represents the psychospiritual being that the psychosocial person is in reality! It’s an unavoidable tug because it comes from one’s truest part, a plea to recognize one’s truth all the way, instead of only part of the way.

Yasaka Pagoda by Takeuchi Seihō
Yasaka Pagoda by Takeuchi Seihō

There is a mysterious force inside that animates you. It is covered up by thoughts and the mind’s ideas about who and what you are. But all true spiritual teachings point away from a fascination with the little ‘me’ and toward a fascination with that mystery under the thoughts.


— Adyashanti

And so this being is the other half of the human conundrum. It’s both hidden and the most important. It’s powerful yet invisible. It really runs the show but one doesn’t know how to identify with it.

Not only is it a conundrum because one feels its tug but doesn’t know what’s tugging, but also because it needs special care to integrate into a physical experience.

This is where wisdom traditions really shine. These teachings codify human experience, consciousness and spirituality into a workable model and method.
Perennial teachings such as those exemplified here are really a  hack to integrate the human with the world and the human with its own divinity, as well that same divinity with the world.

Humans need to integrate with the world, their own divinity, and show that special care to help their divinity integrate with the world.

Society is full of codes. Codes organize all societal systems. In every arena there’s codification to organize life and make it manageable and understandable. It starts very early in the life of a child and continues all the way to the end of life. Family life is a code. The alphabet is a code. Education is entirely a code. Workplaces have their codes. Relationships and/or marriage is coded.

Science is accepted as the go-to authority that codifies and explains reality. It’s probably the largest codification system there is or at least the most referenced.

Wisdom teachings are spiritual science, providing a soft technology to illuminate the divine within the human. They demystify reality from the point of view of consciousness.

For example:

Mysticism has long been identified as a direct knowing of inner truths that are hidden and ordinarily remain unseen. These inner truths contain a form of wisdom about the nature of reality that can only be obtained as inner revelation.


— Jeff Carreira


In the life of every person, two forces of knowledge are operative from birth: 1. the power of human reason, along with its satellites of sensation, perception, conception, and so forth; 2. the power of intuition. The former is developed through social institutions and interactions. The latter usually remains uncultured, undeveloped, because of want of proper guidance and methods of training.


— Paramahansa Yogananda

Perennial wisdom teachings are pervasive. They’ve existed since time immemorial in every age and in every culture. They are also widely available today. In fact, access to these teachings has never been greater.

All that’s required is a little curiosity, enough suffering (which is built-in to life) and a willingness to see where that tug leads.

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