Reiki Stories ProjectToday’s Reiki story took place in December 2013. It’s about the use of Reiki within one’s family, and especially with one’s kids. Children are naturally open to Reiki, as they are to all of life. As a practitioner, you can give Reiki to your child while they are sleeping, or anytime if they remain relatively still. Reiki can be shared with kids during normal interactions as well, because for practitioners every touch is a Reiki-touch.

However and how much Reiki your child is willing to receive, it’s a great and simple way to deepen your bond, provide emotional support, reduce pediatrician visits, encourage their natural spirituality, and expand their worldview.

Reiki supports all-around health and well-being as a stand-alone choice, or blended with allopathic healthcare and psychotherapy.

Enjoy the story!

I spent most of Sunday in my first Reiki class, and my two and a half year old daughter was somewhat distraught that I had been gone all day, as we are rarely separated. I decided to spend some extra time on her bedtime routine to help her relax, and wondered if Reiki might help her. I carefully explained to her about Reiki in terms that I thought she might understand. I told her that I had learned it only that day, that I would put my hands softly on her, and that it might help her body and mind feel gentle and quiet. She agreed, and I began, figuring that I would only have a few seconds with her before she squirmed away.


My reach was very limited by her crib rail, but I placed one hand on her forehead and one on her chest. She was totally still for a few minutes, and I wondered if she was feeling like she HAD to do this, so I reminded her that she could tell me when she felt done. She said “This feels nice. I like it!” I was shocked, but so happy and full of love for this child and this moment.


A few minutes later, she asked if I could move my hands. I told her of course, and asked where I should put them. She placed one on her tummy, and one on her chest. Then she asked if she could do “Waykey” on me, and I told her that that would be lovely. She wrapped her hands around my wrists, and we stayed still for maybe five more minutes, just breathing and being together. Every once in awhile, she would say “This feels very nice. I like this!” Eventually, she moved both of my hands on to her cheeks, and informed me that this was the place she needed my hands. She almost immediately got drowsy, and I left the room. She slept three extra hours the following morning.


It is now Friday evening, and she makes sure that I place my hands, at the minimum, on her forehead and chest before each nap and sleep. Some nights she wants more, and some nights she says that is enough. I am so full of gratitude to be able to have this connection through Reiki with my precious girl.


— B. M., Massachusetts
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