year end The calendar year is drawing to a close. It’s wintertime when all things, including human beings, retreat.

Here’s a review of blog posts from this year (below). I also wanted to let everyone know about places I live online other than this blog. Some time ago, I started a Google+ Page for Oasis Reiki Dojo. It’s a place where I share many spiritual quotes and visual inspiration.

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Much, much earlier I had started curating a topic called Mindful Spiritual Healing on the Scoop.It platform. This topic has now earned a Gold Ribbon as “incredibly highly-recommended in the Self Improvement Interest.”

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Reiki Help Blog posts in 2013

You can go through all of them page by page, just click here. These are some highlight posts to review as you look back on your year:

How to Fit Spiritual Practices into Daily Life Routines

“I meditate but my partner does not”

The Power of Community

Generational Wounding and Healing

To Show Up Authentically

Inner and Outer Sacred Space

Personal Power, Will and Vitality

And Reiki-specific posts:

The Trifold Inner Support of Reiki

Reiki as Friend, Healer, and Self-realization

Lose Your Head to Find It

The Contemplative Path of Reiki

Reiki Stories Project

That’s a lot of content. And it’s solid content. Not mere information, but knowledge. What’s knowledge like this worth? Hard to say. I’ll leave it up to you (donations buttons are below). Thank you in advance if you decide to use them.

Many, many blessings in the New Year to all of you,



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Year-end 2013: A Review of Posts