Reiki Stories ProjectI’m very happy to be able to present two stories for the ongoing Reiki Stories Project (RSP) before the end of the year!

Recently, the global Reiki community has been invited to add to this collection, highlighting how Reiki works and benefits both practitioners and recipients.

My intention is to grow this database with help from all of you.

For details on how to submit your own Reiki story, please see this header post.

I can’t wait to read yours. Nothing is quite as powerful as user-experiences!

This first submission illustrates Reiki’s ability to improve health in any age group, in any health condition, and under all circumstances such as at home, in beds or chairs, or in a hospital (bolding is mine).

This event took place within months of becoming a Level II Reiki practitioner. I had been treating a couple for various problems—the husband was bed-bound. Both were in their 80s, with assistance coming into the home daily to help him. The wife was fairly independent but suffered from severe arthritis pain. For the wife, treatments were usually done while she was seated; however, the husband’s treatments were done in bed with modified hand positions. Reiki provided relief from pain that would last varying lengths of time.


One day I received a call from the wife that her husband had suffered a stroke and asked if I could come by the hospital. His left side was severely affected and she said the doctor would be back to see him in the morning. She wanted a treatment that evening. I performed Reiki and noted some function returning as the session ended. The wife later shared with me that when the doctor arrived the next morning, he was surprised to find the level of function that had returned. His condition did not continue to improve with subsequent treatments, but it did not worsen either.


I occasionally use Reiki now when seeing hospice patients and find it is helpful in relieving anxiety, as well as pain.


— P.S.C., Daytona Beach, Florida

Let me just add that in a hospice environment, Reiki is a lifeline for residents, caretakers, and staff.

The next one is excerpts from a student of mine who recently completed Shoden, the first Level of Reiki. After the initial 21-days are completed, I ask for a written report of how Reiki has been integrated. The student is then mentored based on this report.

This accounting illustrates how Reiki’s beneficial effects reach into the person for real changes in their inner life, and isn’t limited to physical concerns.

When someone asks me to explain Reiki I find it almost impossible…to do so. However, telling them how it has already affected my daily living is much easier.


I am healing. I am getting more organized. I am definitely more decisive. I am not putting up with being disrespected or taken for granted like I did before. I will say that the latter of these has been the most enlightening for me and difficult for others. […]


Kenyoku-ho is something I use a lot. I catch my son imitating me. It’s quite amusing to hear him doing the breath and watching him mimic the arm movements. […]


My husband had a very bad back spasm and I asked if he would like me to Reiki it. He said yes and when I was almost done he asked me if my hands were always that hot during Reiki. I didn’t really know the answer. He felt better and as I finished he was already asleep and no longer in pain. […]


Giving and receiving Reiki really relaxes me. I feel better. I sleep better. I have been told that the receiver does too. My patience is so much better after a long session, but I find that even the Gassho hand placement with a few breaths helps me center and have a better temperament.


One of the most impactful parts of beginning this practice is that I find myself standing my ground and expressing myself more completely. Without going into a lot of details I have realized how little I was respecting my own thoughts and decisions. Confrontation is getting better for me. I don’t take all the junk that I did 3 months ago. I’ve inadvertently created some boundaries and guidelines about and around me with family, friends, and my acquaintances and even in public. I’m realizing that by doing that I have actually deepened the connections and intimacy with people in my life, where I thought I would be creating a greater divide…


— K.R.R., Plantation, Florida

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