Gunatraya Chakrasana, from a ca. 17th century Nepali manuscript
Gunatraya Chakrasana, from a ca. 17th century Nepali manuscript

Balance. What is it? Equilibrium.

How to find it? Breathe in every moment.

Why do we get out of balance? We quit being in the moment.

Where do we go? Everywhere but here. Here is the only land that is truly ours. We can’t dwell back there, or over beyond. We dwell here, right where our body is. Right where it’s breathing.

Unless all of us is here, none of us can function well. All parts in the present help all our parts and the whole of us function well. Otherwise we’re fragmented.

Balance occurs when all parts of us are present here in the same moment, breathing.

Your body is obviously here, but are you with it? Where’s your mind? How many different ideas and byways is your mind spinning? Is your heart in worry? Is it in anger? That means it’s not here.

Here’s the only place we can start. It’s where the breath happens. Wherever you’re breathing is where you are.

Balance isn’t a solid state. It’s variable, it has to stretch and contract, connect and pull back. Balance is responsive, which means it adapts. It has to adapt because change is the only constant. Seasons change, your age changes, cells die and are replaced all the time, your heart changes, minds expand.

The present moment is the substance with which the future is made. Therefore, the best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment. What else can you do?

—Thich Nhat Hanh

So here we are in the present. It’s the juiciest place to be. And there’s no where else we can be. We can do elsewhere, but we can’t BE elsewhere. You can get very busy doing your past, or doing something in the future. Being happens here. And it’s highly functional.

We’re brainwashed into doing as the only productive state, bypassing being which is a powerful propeller as well.

Being and doing need balance too. Head and Heart. Moving and sitting. Inhalation and exhalation.

Wherever you are is the perfect place to awaken. This moment is the exact place to practice compassion and loving awareness. You have all the ingredients to breathe and find freedom just where you are.

— Jack Kornfield

We start here. Nowhere else is there. Only we are here. And the breath like an ancient tidal pattern. So lean into the moment.

And see what it yields…

What it yields will be just at the right speed, digestible and rewarding. Balance is finding that spaciousness that naturally exists in the moments of life. Otherwise we’re bound up, tensed and senseless.

The spaciousness contained in each moment is a natural balance. We have spaciousness contained in our mind and heart. There’s room in the system for being. There’s time for nondoing. Nothing worthwhile could ever be produced if there wasn’t.

Balance brings harmony, and harmony feels balanced. There’s a way of living that flows harmony and balance into our life. A key factor is to develop the ability to be okay just being. No nagging voices! Really okay with it. Content.

Allowing ourselves to be goes hand in hand with being in the moment. The more we find ways to lean into our moments, the more harmony and balance infuse our experience. Stuff still gets done! Often better. And healthier, without tension.

So why is it so hard to maintain this? Because we inevitably succumb to ingrained patterns. Those patterns are only dislodged by practice. So we recognize, apply and stay in the pocket of the moment.

Business life need not be a material life. Business ambition can be spiritualized. […] To save the future of the world by saving the children, the modern adult must wake up and cultivate a balanced life of spiritual as well as material habits.

— Paramahansa Yogananda

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