Let’s keep this simple. Reiki is:

  • An inner healer (physician)
  • An inner therapist
  • An inner teacher (guru)

Once the proper training is received by attending a Reiki class by a qualified teacher, these three aspects of Reiki become available over the course of an entire lifetime.

hand flowersThis inner support is there immediately in the foundational Reiki class, known as Shoden or ‘beginning teachings.’ The support system expands and strengthens with the teachings of the next level, known as Okuden or ‘innermost teachings.’ The Reiki teachings reach a culmination point in Shinpiden, ‘mystery teachings.’

Mastery (mystery) is a lifelong pursuit however, and each level of Reiki is self-contained and complete. Each level serves the practitioner for a long time, without a requirement to advance until there’s readiness. Those who advance do so because their experiences with previous levels of Reiki have been so very positive and life-changing.

Reiki’s trifold inner support system is comprehensive and all-encompassing. It covers body, mind and spirit.

The healing ability of Reiki is probably its best known feature and benefit. In this function, Reiki balances, harmonizes, clears, detoxes, enlivens, nourishes and nurtures. With regular hands-on treatments on oneself wellness is increased and maintained, stress kept at bay, health regained after illness, and overall well-being boosted.

Reiki is an inner therapist because it heals mental and emotional disturbances. It does this through the pure, universal compassion that comes through with Reiki. Restoring self-esteem and self-worth, Reiki brings peace in knowing that we can be whole despite our brokenness.

Reiki is able to function as an inner spiritual teacher because it is primarily sourced spiritually and infuses the participant spiritually first as well, before filtering to all other layers. In this regard Reiki is connective, empowering, wisdom-inducing, and enlightening.

For the practitioner (and recipient), Reiki introduces wisdom and compassion. (See Wisdom and Compassion as the Path in Reiki.) They are cornerstones. This means wisdom and compassion are indispensable. It also means every other development for the practitioner is in relation to how well these two cornerstones are placed and maintained.

Guru means ‘spiritual teacher’ and ‘dispeller of darkness.’ There aren’t any gurus in Reiki because the practitioner is empowered to be self-reliant, self-knowing, self-healing, and self-actualized. The guru is always inside us even if there’s an outside teacher.

The spiritual practice of Reiki is a way by which we can reference source wisdom and compassion. We lose this reference sometime in childhood. We’re stripped of the direct perception of truth. Instead ego, individuality, intellect and critical mind are emphasized and strengthened. Source wisdom and compassion become distant and unavailable. But they don’t entirely disappear.

The ability to be your own spiritual teacher is extremely significant. We learn from multiple sources, and hopefully throughout life. There still needs to be an inner compass, one that discerns the truth in all this learning, puts it into order, and makes it actionable.

As already mentioned, Reiki originates at the spiritual dimension of life and thus permeates all aspects of being alive, because the spiritual is the one pervasive commonality of life. This being the case, having an inner spiritual teacher at our beck and call is a major benefit and advantage. We’re able to access this compass at any given time.

Reiki as a healer and therapist is intimately tied to its inherent wisdom and compassion. Without Reiki being an inner spiritual teacher, its other functions would not be available. This is consistent with the way Reiki works when practiced and applied. It is spiritual healing and spiritual therapy first before it can make the body and mind well.

Reiki evolves the practitioner and recipient spiritually. It also recognizes that our earthly, human parts need to come along on the journey. It is a grounded, balanced approach to health, healing and spiritual living.

Our being is in oneness with the deepest, most primordial origin of universal being. The universe and all things within it birth from and are connected to a single source. Quarks and star systems, microorganisms and humans, and all the many things coming to life constantly, all appear from this profound origin. Everything can be traced back to this source. We know this source must be full of wisdom and compassion, for it gave life to us and everything around us.

Let’s reiterate: Reiki is an inner healer (physician), an inner therapist, and an inner teacher (guru). As such it provides all the enhancements to our native awareness to once again regain the memory of our own spirituality and its inherence at the core of life and creation.


Reiki Boosts Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Capacities

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