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If you’re intent on walking a spiritual path, making time for practice is a common hurdle. Practice is the only way transformative spiritual teachings help improve human experience. There is just no way around it. Often people claim to be practicing ‘in-the-moment’ while going through the day. Of course this is entirely possible and encouraged. You may be aware of certain spiritual qualities and make them part of your daily interactions. You may be a naturally kind person and let this carry over into your day. The world is a better place for that.

Applying yourself in this way usually falls short when it comes to any kind of spiritual depth and power, garnering of wisdom and compassion, or personal healing. General points about ensuring daily spiritual practice happens were covered in How to Fit Spiritual Practices into Daily Life Routines.

This post will look at Level I and II Reiki practices specifically. These are the practices that I teach in my Reiki classes as outlined here. They are based on the way Usui Sensei formulated his teachings as a spiritual way of living, without limiting them to hands-on practices only, or some variety of a healing modality.

Reiki Meditation:

Hikari no Kokyu-ho (Breathing Light): Level I practice that matches well with ‘classic’ meditation methods from other time-honored traditions.

Gassho Kokyu-ho (Breathing Light through Hands): Level I practice that works with universal ki in a more specific manner.

Hatsurei-ho (Enhanced Breathing Light): Level II practice that’s comprehensive and powerful enough to serve as one’s lifelong meditation method.

The average sitting time for any of these Reiki meditations is only 20 minutes. Classically two sitting times are recommended for any meditation method, one in the morning and one in the evening. Even one sitting will work wonders. With Reiki there are some other choices as seen below. Regardless, 20 minutes is doable in anyone’s day. If isn’t, you have to take a serious look as to why.

Hands-on-self Reiki:

This is Reiki’s whole-person self-care, wellness and healing method. About 30 minutes each time is fine for a routine practice. It’s important to remember not to self-treat only when feeling unwell, but maintain a weekly routine. Occasional longer sessions are recommended.

One option with Reiki as mentioned above is to practice one of the meditations in the morning, and self-treat in the early evening as way to transition from the workday, and stay healthy. Also remember that this application of Reiki heals you and keeps you in balance emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Added-value Reiki practices:

Kenyoku-ho (Vibrational harmony): This method is given in Level I and stays with the practitioner for the duration of his/her life. It literally takes seconds to practice. It’s a throughout-the-day companion to keep you positive and energized.

Nentatsu-ho (Intention fulfillment): Level I practice that graduates to Level II with some changes, designed to work powerful magic in the subconscious and unconscious. 5-7 minutes for each application.

There’s a repertoire of practices in Reiki, which means there are more than listed here. Meditating the Reiki way, and giving yourself Reiki with your own hands are the only core practices that require regularity. These can be completed in about one hour or less each day.

One hour compared to many, many more hours if you were going to a therapist, a physician, a specialist, getting medical tests, certain medical treatments or surgery, attending a support group, etc. (These are all valid by the way, just much more costly in terms of time and money.)

Whenever someone you know needs help and healing, giving them Reiki is also encouraged. This experience is actually a two-way blessing and thus very efficient.

Once a practitioner completes Level II, it becomes possible to also work with some primordial forces and truths that govern life, nature, and the cosmos. During the learning curve, these may add a little time to your practice, but eventually time is compressed because of the power and depth this particular knowledge brings to the practitioner’s understanding and ability.

Plus, you’re able to utilize such wonderful methods as Reiki Remote Healing with these specific teachings.

The time lengths given here are minimums and are to be used as a guideline. Great benefit will still come. Longer and deeper practice times are always a good idea. Whenever possible, and also by making it possible, ease into a timeless experience of your spiritual life.

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