A basic understanding of Reiki is that it balances or rebalances a person on all levels: physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Reiki is a way of living that establishes a sense of peace with oneself and harmony with one’s surroundings. It provides wisdom in here-and-now difficulties and is a resource of empowerment in response to challenges.

Reiki is a teaching that accesses innate wisdom and intelligence, as well as compassion, which propel a vision of one’s own potential.

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Reiki fosters self-communication and inquiry in an open and non-critical way. It replaces any negative self-dialogue with a solution-seeking patience and wisdom. Wisdom and compassion go hand in hand. Compassion for self and others creates the spaciousness for wisdom to reveal itself. And wisdom encourages compassion because it’s the healthy choice to make.

Wisdom is both the wisdom of the ages, and innate intelligence: the intelligence of our body, mind and spirit. There’s a tremendous intelligence that directs the body. Emotional intelligence is present more than we give ourselves credit, and can be learned too.

Reiki helps us find and develop a self-healing personality or psychology that is waiting to be activated under any and all of our symptoms.

Reiki brings about balance, but it doesn’t stop there. Balance also means acknowledging and addressing all parts of our makeup: the physical, the psychological and the spiritual, for we are not one or the other, but all three integrated as a holistic organism.

This is where the spiritual and thus healing power of Reiki really shines, for healing means to make whole. Reiki initially brings wholeness and balance to all parts of us. The cumulative presence of Reiki, however, is a much more profound and lasting experience.

Reiki facilitates an internal spiritual opening, without dictating what that is for each individual. This spiritual opening is substantial and lasting.

Cross-culturally and from all time periods, every authentic spiritual teaching that’s been part of humanity’s heritage has always included a set of methodologies. Reiki is one such teaching. These teachings are commonly known as wisdom traditions, or teachings of perennial wisdom.

A teaching of perennial wisdom includes ethical and moral dos and don’ts; a central cosmology explaining creation, the universe, life and humanity’s place in it; other subtle truths; and practices to give the practitioner access to this knowledge and wisdom.

The beauty and efficacy of practice-based spirituality is that it allows the practitioner to personally experience the benefits of spiritual health. Without practice the benefits of harmony, peace, meaning, empowerment and wellness remain merely theoretical and a sterile intellectual exercise.

What Reiki reveals is that there’s a pure awareness which is not based on thoughts and emotions. This awareness isn’t only intelligent, it is Intelligence. When spiritual awareness is cultivated as an ongoing inquiry, the degree of attachment to bad news, worry and fear is not as strong. The locus of our identity becomes much broader, more inclusive; there are greater possibilities and the ability to engage these possibilities.

When there’s clinging to thoughts and emotions that are either self-generated or in response to external stimuli and information, our wisdom and intelligence become trapped and unavailable.

What works better is to move from a reaction to a response, and also move from contraction to spaciousness. Being in reactive mode keeps stress hormones cycling through our system which leads to burnout and more serious complications. Being contracted means we’re in shut-down mode; we’re unavailable to ourselves and our inner resources are unavailable to us.

If already involved with Reiki, this reactivity usually doesn’t take place. If not involved with Reiki, then Reiki can bring us into responsive mode and engender spaciousness. Reiki also empowers us to find and take seriously our substantial inner resources, one of which is the power of healing.

Healing isn’t limited to the disappearance of symptoms. Healing happens despite symptoms and even while symptoms persist. One of the major contributions of Reiki to serious illness is its ability to increase our capacity for healing.

We live in a results-oriented, largely black and white world. Reiki spirituality (healing) helps change our orientation to an abiding view, a view that outlasts a disease or even a lifetime.

Health is a dynamic state. It’s a state that involves all parts of us physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.

Healing is nonlinear and holistic. It doesn’t follow a straight-line trajectory and considers all components of existence. It includes all the tangibles, as well as everything about us that can’t be measured or tabulated.

Healing is a subjective experience. Forgiveness can’t be measured but it happens. The joy children or grandchildren bring can’t be measured but it’s there. Finding meaning in a sunset or poem can’t be measured but it’s still enriching. Resilience can’t be measured but human history is full of its evidence.

Reiki boosts our physical, psychological and spiritual capacities.

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Reiki Boosts Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Capacities