We know Reiki in certain ways primarily: Hands-on, meditation, healing, wellness, spiritual access. When we dedicate ourselves to the practice and keep an open heart and mind, Reiki also shows up in surprising ways. Often we have to be receptive to these other manifestations; they’re not immediately observable, or we don’t always make the connection.

There are many practical applications of Reiki that come in very handy in daily living. Apart from Reiki’s core features, benefits and practices, its given daily uses and the ways in which the practitioner can be creative with challenges that come up, all make Reiki a powerful and wonderful accompaniment to life. Reiki isn’t relegated only to one’s spirituality, although it certainly shines there.

To illustrate, here’s a Reiki story I recently received from one of the practitioners I’ve trained:

One of the lawyers at the office called me last week to ask me to help him get ready for trial and sit at trial with him in a very complicated case coming to trial Monday. I embarked on the task as I had just put into the Universe a couple of month ago that I was a bit bored working from home and I wished I could do something more mentally challenging, at least on sporadic basis. So needless to say, I knew this was coming.


I am not going to get into the details of how complicated this case is as I am still learning them and I will be working all weekend. But I can tell you that I was warned that the client is a very difficult person to say the least… extremely problematic and confrontational which makes it much worse as he just speaks his mind, even when advised otherwise by his lawyer. Two lawyers have already withdrawn from the case for this reason.


We had mediation today and I met him and his partner for the first time so I prepared myself emotionally and spiritually. Needless to say, upon our meeting I began to silently REIKI him. I also spoke to him and I explained that he needed to be calm, regardless what opposing counsel said and that I was going to hold his hand through the process.


I Reiki’d him through the process and although the case did not resolve and we are starting trial on Monday, he did not even move. He was calm, he was positive and extremely cooperative.


To my surprise, I just got an email from the lawyer sent by the client literally thanking him for getting me involved in the case, and the fact that I will be at the trial makes him feel very calm and positive, and that he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel regardless of the outcome.


Is this amazing Pamir? I am so GRATEFUL that I can make a difference in someone’s life. And in turn I want to thank you.


— B.R., Miami, Florida

Yes, it’s amazing and it also isn’t. This is a naturally available result with Reiki. What’s worth mentioning is that such uses of Reiki often require extra intention, focus, presence and awareness, and equanimity from us as practitioners. It’s straightforward to practice Reiki at home in silence. It isn’t so straightforward in the hustle and bustle of life, or in contentious situations.

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Reiki Stories Project 8/28/12

2 thoughts on “Reiki Stories Project 8/28/12

  • 08/30/2012 at 6:15 AM

    This story is inspiring.
    How would I work on an 7 hour day with hundreds of customers?
    I’m scheduled to fill-in at another office on the busiest day of the month. Normally two people work this office on these days and it is still quite overwhelming; I will be the only person working that day. This office can get chaotic and the customers can be extremely rude, impatient, irate. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • 08/30/2012 at 7:27 AM

      There isn’t a state that’s completely stress-free. Our system is designed to handle stress and there’s always some of it around. How we respond to stress is where we can be effective. This often starts at home by establishing some kind of routine to cultivate calmness and spaciousness. Unless this becomes part of our worldview, in the face of stress we don’t manage too well.

      For your situation I recommend that you realize it’s only one day. Any complaining customers are doing so not as a reflection on you, but because they’re distressed in some way. Use your natural breath mindfully as an anchor, be kind to yourself and rely on your professionalism.

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