Oneness is like a butterfly: It has two wings but one body.

— Pamir Kiciman

Oneness feels healthy because you’re one with yourself, whole, in harmony.

Oneness makes you happy because again you’re one with yourself, whole, in harmony.

And it’s freeing because you’re not stuck in separation, limited, and disconnected.

We come from One, we return to One.

In between we lose track, but our Oneness is never lost. It’s always there, underlying all our experiences; and this Oneness can be experienced.

In separation we get lost, we think separation is real, and this leads to misery, disease, lack, and upset. The world of form in its variety distracts, entertains, tempts, and seduces. But even in the world of form, it’s the Formless that’s calling us, it’s the Formless we seek; it’s the Formless that we are.

Remembering that we already are what we seek is the only way to extract ourselves from bypaths and detours, going around in circles, or spinning our wheels in the same spot.

From Oneness we come, to Oneness we return.

This is a natural process. It’s already happening, whether we’re participating consciously or not. When we participate consciously, the sojourn is much happier and healthier. We’re free in all the moments of our lives.

All we have to do is participate in the process. Not only participate by living on earth, living in society, in our families, and jobs, but participate with the awareness, the expanded awareness of knowing that there’s a grand old process in place of oneness returning to Oneness, oneness seeking Oneness, oneness knowing that Oneness is within; Oneness only seeking itself.

Therefore there’s no seeking. There’s only recognition. You are what you’re seeking.

Listen and feel into the intuition of oneness within. The feeling of oneness is love; the experience of oneness is realization of your true nature.

— Adyashanti

Participating in this natural process consciously is harmonious, healthy, freeing, loving, and peaceful because we’re not engaged in being neurotic, fearful, or having turbulent experiences through our emotions and thoughts.

We’re in duality on earth, and duality is turbulent. We make it even more turbulent by not recognizing that our essential Oneness isn’t absent from us, not separate from us, isn’t anywhere to be found, to be achieved or attained, there’s nowhere to go to get it, there’s no distance to travel.

It’s right here with us in every experience, in every thought of stress or upset, of fear, and in every thought of harmony and love, of joy.

We are the Oneness we’re looking for.

We are the Oneness we’re waiting for.

We’re also participating in the Oneness process in our bodies. If we participate in it consciously the body becomes something other then its physical shape and form. Rather than absolute identification that we’re a body, we’re able to understand and recognize that we have a body, it serves a function, its function is important, it’s part of our daily experience, but it isn’t an ultimate reality; it isn’t an unending reality.

It’s simply a container for the Formless, a form for Oneness to express itself in and through, by which we’re able to experience.

The body gives us an opportunity to experience in the world of form that which we couldn’t otherwise. It’s paradoxical and confusing and also simple, understandable and recognizable. We just have to switch our view. Sit with it, walk with it. Oneness is our eternal companion.

It doesn’t disappear. It can’t be destroyed. It can’t be damaged. It can’t be reduced. It can’t be diminished.

Instead of trying to figure it all out, which is impossible, I suggest you ask, “What’s ultimately behind this set of eyes?” Turn around to see what is looking.

— Adyashanti


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Oneness as a Path to Health, Happiness, and Freedom

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