There are many ways to work with the chakras. One that isn’t often mentioned is the use of personal writing. Chakras are a vast field of study and this isn’t meant to address these wheels of our subtle anatomy completely.

First a few words about journaling. While this is a popular practice, many are intimidated by writing, or journal inconsistently and feel guilty about it.

You don’t have to be Charles Dickens to benefit from journaling! There are no deadlines, you don’t have to be a great writer, or even know grammar particularly well. There are no rejection letters, you don’t need an agent or have to appear on Oprah. The New York Times isn’t going to pan your work, and you don’t have to hole up in the Florida Keys, drunk. So, chill out.

Journaling is about allowing your thoughts, feelings and intuitions to surface on the page. It helps to understand your life, process various things, heal and get clear. It’s also a great way to record your journey and growth. Over a lifetime, significant themes emerge and journaling is a powerful way to use hindsight for future betterment. Your journal is a mirror and container.

It’s also a place where imperfection is allowed. Each entry doesn’t need to be complete everytime you journal. You can revisit and continue exploring. Associative threads emerge, and it’s safe to express yourself in this way.

Chakra prompts

There are many great resources available on the chakras and some basic familiarity will be needed to journal through each one.

Simply put, chakras are nonphysical wheels of energy corresponding to specific locations along the spine and head, which relate to your human experience on earth, and also your spiritual experience as a soul.

Following are one journal prompt for each chakra. Many more and different prompts could be used, and you’ll probably come up with your own. This is to get you started. When you practice personal writing, don’t censor and let it flow.

  • Chakra 1, tip of spine, element Earth: Am I rooted and grounded in the earth with a solid foundation to survive and build my home here?
  • Chakra 2, genital region, element Water: Do I move well though my emotions and desires, feel pleasure and express my sexuality/sensuality, relating to people, and flowing with my creativity?
  • Chakra 3, solar plexus, element Fire: Am I in control of my personal power and will, both retaining authority and avoiding aggression so I can be intact in body and mind?
  • Chakra 4, center of chest (heart), element Air: Is there balance between my giving and receiving in the fullness of love and compassion and the openness of my heart space, both for myself and for others?
  • Chakra 5, the throat, element Ether: Do I communicate my truth and express my creativity?
  • Chakra 6, pituitary gland/point between eyebrows, element Light: Do I honor my intuition?
  • Chakra 7, cerebral cortex/crown, element Consciousness: Do I know what and who I am?

As you may notice, the prompts for chakras 5, 6 and 7 are brief but profound. The contemplation for these centers is multifaceted and for 6 and 7, essentially spiritual (and also for the heart chakra). For instance, intuition helps you to know both at a mundane and cosmic level. As for the thousand-petaled lotus that is the crown chakra, this is the transcendent knowing of Self.

When you are going to journal, make sure you can be alone, in a quiet place. This kind of writing is more of a meditation. It comes from inside, not so much from your logical mind. It’s not a diary of the day’s events, but a way to have a deep conversation with all aspects of your being. It’s transformational writing.

If you have any questions or need further guidance please leave a comment. There’s a lot of subtlety involved and I’d be happy to mentor, and provide more information by replying to your comments.

Okay, now go get your journal!

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Journaling Through the Chakras

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    That is very interesting. Never thought about using my journaling for chakra work and yes I journal inconsistently. lol. Thanks!
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