Many aren’t even aware of the option to be healed. The long history of healing is unknown to them, since it doesn’t get much airplay. And if healing is sought, it’s often for mundane reasons, although that’s still valid. Often people come to healing when there’s real trouble and all else has failed.

So, what is it to heal, to be healed? Is it to feel better? Is it to have no pain? Is it to have a flesh wound close? Is it to end emotional suffering? Does everyone need healing? What if you’re healthy and your life is functional?

The short answer is, yes, everyone wants to be healed, whether that’s known to them consciously or not. The why is what this post is about.

There are some human fundamentals: Everyone wants to be happy, suffer not, be healthy, be provided for, have a place in the world, and have dignity. The way there we’re told is through the usual trajectory of schooling, career, advancement, relationship, a home, family, and the accumulation of stuff.

This isn’t a terrible model. It works in the world. Yet, it’s still a model of survival, with how well depending on the number and quality of creature comforts you have. It causes a frustrating tug on these things to fulfill you that inherently don’t have that capacity. So you change majors, careers, partners, houses, and the particulars of your retirement account.

This model leaves you hungry, no matter how “full” your life may seem. It’s a cycle of searching. It’s a cycle of needs fulfillment.

Underneath all this searching there’s a seeking. You want to be happy, healthy, safe and loved. The only real way that can happen is if you get to know your true self. You can still have a career, family, and good retirement, but unless your true nature is known to you, fulfillment remains elusive and distant. The really juicy bit here is that with the knowledge of your true nature as a foundation, you can launch the most incredible life in all its worldly permutations.

And that’s why everyone wants to be healed. At a core level everyone wants to become one with themselves, to be in their own fullness, power and beauty. What we’re told is the way there, isn’t the way there. The way there is inward. The way there is healing.

Your overarching purpose is to know your true nature. This unifies and clarifies all time-bound purposes. Knowing your true nature betters your outer world too, because then life is authentic. No matter your biography and resume, you’re here to know your true self. This is the real meaning of healing and it removes pesky pains and dramas too.

There’s alternative and complementary healing, only named such because medicine has become the primary avenue of health, for the resolution of human physical, emotional and mental ailments. There’s also spiritual healing. Both of these have been around for centuries, with storied traditions, which makes the alternative/complementary moniker misleading. In fact there’s only one kind of healing, and that’s spiritual healing.

We are soul-infused biology. A healer heals at the soul level which filters to all human parts. Whether the spiritual is acknowledged or not, it’s unavoidable because it’s the very matrix of life, being and living.  All the external ways in which you want to bring yourself happiness, health, safety, success and love are in reality also ways in which you address your spirituality. What you’re searching for is the original unity with your body, mind and soul, and the great living universe. This search is often fruitless unless it becomes a seeking.

Your true nature is real. It’s of Light substance, not carbon, unbound by time, Love in form. People work with healers to better their human, only to realize they were Divine all along. The human is Divine. The human is not skin-encased parts. That’s the body. It’s of the earth, it’s a fine vehicle for the sojourn here. The human is Heart and pure Being. It is Soul and Breath. It is Sacred Beauty.

There’s healing to be done in your timeline. Greater spiritual healing is to know your true nature. The physical body slowly breaks down. It needs healing. Your emotions and mental realm are challenged by this proposition of living. They need healing. Healing the dramas and pains of your life is a valid reason to work with a healer. It bears many gifts. There are yet more gifts.

“Who/What am I and what am I doing here?” is answered through healing. Awakening to your abiding self is the healing of illusion. The greatest illusion is that you’re your bank account, the kind of car you drive, your accomplishments and the physical life you lead. These have value. Their value is never quite realized without the missing piece: The conscious quest to know your true nature.

This quest is a healing up. Healing mentally, emotionally and physically is healing down to where you are on the planet at any given moment. Healing up is outside of time. It occurs in the nonphysical. It takes place in essence, not shape. It’s in the causal realm.

The healing of this primary illusion transforms everything. How you live, how you live in relation to the planet, in relation to yourself and other people and species, what you live, how you touch other lives, and what you leave behind from your expression in this specific iteration.

What do you live? Is it your Divinity?

Our true nature is self-authenticating. When we bump into our true nature, it authenticates itself. Something inside us knows.

— Adyashanti

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Healing Up and Healing Down

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