It’s impossible to ignore the shifting sands of current global events. The previous two posts (The shifting world and Shifting the world the healing way) attempt to make sense of what’s going on and make it meaningful beyond all the surface ripples. Social, political and economic details can be found in the news and in themselves provide fascinating accounts of a region in transition. Here, I’d like to look at it from another lens, one that remains valid no matter the final outcome and any repercussions, or seeming status quo.

Granted, it’s a moving landscape of events, but what’s happening isn’t a mere uprising. It’s a global indicator. One that has been trending for some time, hidden to casual observance. This part of the world is a nexus. Because both Tunisia and Egypt are in North Africa, not only the Middle East is at play. This nexus has three major rivers running through it: the Nile, Euphrates and Tigris. Rivers have always been places where beginnings are generated for human societies and polities.

This area of the world has also been historically and presently intractable in a number of ways. If we look beyond the granular story of current developments, we see an overarching theme, which may have been missed if it had stopped in Tunisia, as it was barely covered in the news. Instead, it mushroomed into Egypt and conquered the world’s attention, because of Egypt’s size and role in the region.

Let’s look at the reasons this event is singular compared to most other similar events in history:

  • It’s nonideological
  • It’s nonreligious
  • It’s nonviolent (at least until there was pushback)
  • It’s leaderless or leadership is shared
  • Its organization is decentralized
  • It’s an outcry of the human will
  • It has a domino effect in the region

What are some of the images that have emerged from these events?

These are truly nonordinary occurrences.

The Berlin Wall fell. Apartheid ended. Now there’s a transition in one of the most conflicted areas of our world. The people there are asking for some fundamentals, nothing more. All in a nonsectarian way. It’s an equalizing movement. It’s open source and fluid. It follows the truth that:

Power which no longer serves first becomes entrenched but eventually topples.

The dynamics of the world has a safety principle that corrects its trajectory. The world has a conscience and it speaks through such occurrences. This is coded in. It activates and sets itself into motion. It’s a code we know and recognize, therefore we bring it to  the world. It’s in the DNA of life. This is the future’s voice!

The reality is that we can always be someone and do something to help change the situation. Like us, our political leaders have positive seeds and negative seeds. They may be surrounded by people who don’t water to the good seeds in them. Their advisors continue to water the seeds of fear, craving, anger, and violence in them. We have to find ways to get in touch with our political leaders and help them. Protesting is a kind of help, but it should be done skillfully, so people see it as an act of love and not an attack. —Thich Nhat Hanh

Control is out. Rigid, top-down predatory structures can’t bring us the future. The future, if we would just listen to it, is telling us to embrace this moment. Its time has arrived and sends a clarion call.

Egypt, Transformation & Signs of a Planetary Culture

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