I received this email question from a practitioner I’ve trained to Okuden (Level II) Reiki:

I have read about the Vilolet Flame and its power to transmute and dissolve our negative Karma. It is my belief that Reiki is capable of doing the same thing for us. Can you shed some light on this from your perspective?

It’s a great question. I’m going to leave the Violet Flame to your own research, and discernment based on that research. The subject of karma is complex and only a fraction of it can be covered here.

Karma literally means “action.” So the first step in deconstructing (understanding) your karma is to notice the ‘actions’ of your life. Those behaviors, circumstances and relationships that are the most knotty and recurring are nodal points of your karma. I’ve been asked before how we can figure out our karma. Well, based on this simple definition: Look at your current life. Just look at it.

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When you see the dominant patterns, good and bad, you’ll have insight about your karma.

Similarly, transmuting karma is a set of ‘actions.’ There’s outward action and inward action. Outwardly there’s a whole host of ‘deeds’ that will help you. There’s charity, service and good deeds such as feeding the poor, helping strangers and the destitute, tithing a portion of your income, volunteering and other acts of giving.

There’s also more personal ‘actions.’ These include making a commitment to change certain behaviors by taking responsibility for them, improve character qualities, overcome weaknesses, forgive self and others, make compassion the foundation of all relationships human and otherwise, practice ethics, and have a conscience in all dealings.

Karma gets increasingly complex when its subtle aspects come into the picture. The truth of the matter is that karma is a set of tendencies, some of which are bound to ripen, some which we ripen and perpetuate with our choices, and some which may well never take form. I’m going to take a shortcut and skip the mechanism of how this happens, and simply state that karma is lodged in our subtle body, especially the subtle or nonphysical channel which corresponds to the spine.

Thus, the most effective method to transmute karma is to work or heal in the subtle body and especially the central channel, this vertical axis we have that is a lifeline for us between earth and “heaven.”

How do we do that? Meditation. There are many kinds of meditation and you may not be familiar with the method and benefit of meditation in this particular area. While most authentic meditation methods will help you with difficult karma, and some will translate into subtle healing without directly working in the central axis, there are also simple methods that directly unbind negative karmic knots found there.

Such methods encourage the flow of Light up and down the subtle central axis as well as throughout the entire subtle body. The subtle body is a template for the physical body and physical life of each person. If it’s being informed by the Light of its origins, it remains pure, or is cleansed when needed. There’s also a vibratory effect where the entire organism vibrates less densely and at a higher frequency where negative karma can be resolved, or simply isn’t a reality. Whatever ‘action’ is being taken in the subtle body, shows up in the physical body and physical life in kind.

Incarnation is a messy, difficult proposition! There’s no easy way out of it, nor is easy really desirable. All our experiences have a purpose and we have to accept the wisdom that’s at the heart of each one. Do also read this previous post from a well-known teacher who brings a different angle to the topic of karma.

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