Reiki is most popularly known as hands-on energy healing. It is in fact a spiritual teaching which can also be used to self-heal and help others heal. The essence of Reiki is about the development of the person in both character and spirit. As a person grows and evolves, healing comes along too. The focus in Reiki is the emergence of one’s natural spirituality. From this foundation, all other applications of Reiki become available.

The spirit

This only makes sense, as the spiritual is at the root of being human and life itself.  Acknowledging the spiritual is the ultimate healing. While Reiki can heal what ails humans on all levels, accessing and prioritizing one’s spirituality is where Reiki excels. Once the spirit is acknowledged and centralized, a major core shift occurs and sets the tone for the rest of a life.

Consciousness and energy

Another common misconception is that Reiki is a form of ‘energy.’ While life energy accompanies the Reiki experience, it’s more a vibration or pulsation, and what’s vibrating or pulsating is consciousness. Consciousness here means the substratum of reality. Transformation takes place in consciousness. Any healing or change that doesn’t take place in consciousness usually doesn’t last.

The flow model of Reiki is simply this: 1) Consciousness, 2) Energy, 3) Physical manifestation. Energy plays a role, but it can’t really exist without its source: Consciousness.

Reiki is a transformative and enduring practice. ‘Transformative’ means that it radically and permanently shifts body, mind and being. ‘Enduring’ means this shift doesn’t stall after one time, it continues to expand one’s paradigm. The practices don’t get stale, bringing new insight and wisdom, staying fresh, creative and inspiring.

Healing that’s accompanied by this kind of true transformation is lasting.

Wisdom and compassion

A core change in one’s orientation and relationship to life, such as the one Reiki facilitates releases the truth within each person. Reiki isn’t about temporary pain relief or a momentary understanding. It’s about freeing wisdom and compassion from inside. All divinity is already within. Reiki is a spiritual teaching sourced in this divine database and gives the practitioner complete access to it.

Liberation of the truth within frees the outer life of all its suffering, pain, disease, fear, turmoil, anguish and misery.

Reiki facilitates this in a very practical and user-friendly way. The founder of these teachings, Usui Sensei, prefaced Reiki’s five precepts with:

The secret method for inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for all illness.

Happiness is secreted inside, that’s its only secret. Truest healing is spiritual. Spiritual healing addresses the whole person instead of helping only with the body or mind, which can leave an opening for imbalance to return.

The ‘many blessings’ Usui talks about could be interpreted as that multifaceted divinity activating and bearing fruit (blessings) in a person’s life again and again. It’s also the consistent and frequent (many) practice of the various methods given in the teachings.

In conclusion, Reiki is a contemplative path which leads to the emergence of the true self in meaningful unity with all life.

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The Essence of Reiki

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  • 08/14/2010 at 4:52 PM

    Thank you Pamir, for an excellent article that really takes us to the heart of Reiki. It brings a much deeper understanding and therefore also a completely different possibility,to fully experience the true blessings of Reiki and become truly healed.I often come to your blog to read, learn and to simply rest my Soul. Your words fit right into my heart and it merges beautifully with my own personal reflection of Reiki and Spirituality.Thank you for holding this space!Laila

    • 08/14/2010 at 7:31 PM

      Thanks for your kind words. I feel talking about Reiki, with awareness of course, helps us all understand it better and how it works. So I write about it from different angles…

  • 08/15/2010 at 10:30 PM

    This is a very nice description of Reiki. Well done. I like your message that “all divinity is already within. Many people don’t realize this and it’s not often taught.

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