A little research into the origins of the phrase “beat around the bush” reveals that the term was used to describe the hunting practice of hiring others to beat bushes and thus flush game out of hiding. The method was often used to bring wild boar out of hiding, and hunters were able to avoid the boar’s razor sharp tusks. With wild boar, hunters wanted to avoid direct contact. With birds, it was a way to have them out in the open.

When it comes to healing, life seems to do all the ‘beating’ necessary to bring the unhealed out to the surface. This is a good thing. Then life sits back and watches to see if you avoid direct contact. When you don’t engage the healing in front of you, life seems to fan the flames, so to speak, until you do.

Then the tendency is to go into a thinking mode of, “What’s going on here? I’m falling apart. It gets worse everyday!” and you continue avoiding the healing that’s in front of you. Avoidance leads to intensification of symptoms, relationships, situations, conditions, patterns. The more intense it gets, the more dramatic it becomes, and you add a good dose of drama too, because that’s another sure way to not engage the healing that’s calling you.

What exactly stops you from stepping up to healing? You feel it’s safer, easier, less work, less painful to avoid direct contact. You’re mistaken. Beating around the healing bush is a self-preservation strategy of the ego to not succumb, to retain control. Unfortunately, in so doing it perpetuates pain. It keeps you stuck in the brambles.

Brambles of shame, suffering, guilt, hurt, wounds, abuse, unforgiveness, untruth, and physical pain. Brambles that become your story to the exclusion of everything else you are!

This story is a limiting one. One that snags you on your way, keeps you captive and bound. It’s a story of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere; throwing mud in every direction. Throwing the mud of projection, the mud of blame, the mud of self-pity. All that kinetic energy in a closed loop of increasing drama!

If you but answer the call of healing, a pathway opens up in the underbrush. There’s a direction and a magnetic pull at the other end. The closed loop burning itself out becomes an open system with options. Possibilities arise that couldn’t be known in the thick of crisis living.

Please realize that when you beat around the bush of healing, you deplete and cannot replenish life force. Thus you must source it elsewhere and that elsewhere is power, albeit negative power. In other words, you draw power by being a victim, which is a dead end.

Do you see the vicious cycle and how many rings it has? The fear of healing is nothing compared to the fear avoiding healing installs in your being.

Give it up! Relent! Succumb! Embrace healing and let it embrace you.

Healing is a holy encounter full of perfumed grace. — Pamir Kiciman


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Beating Around the Healing Bush