The video series continues. We love labels don’t we? Put life in neat little boxes and get it squared away. This works really well for screws, nails and pushpins, but it comes up short in living life with meaning and integrity. It also doesn’t promote wellness. One of the disempowering aspects of modern medicine is its tendency to reduce a person to a diagnosis or disease. Once we receive a label, we in turn tend to become it. And thus much potential and possibility that’s normally available to us just vanishes.

Unfortunately, diagnosis in the way it’s approached in health care today, including the bureaucracy of health care is a reduction experience for the person being diagnosed.

Health is a dynamic state. It’s a state that involves all parts of us physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. Your identity as a human being which includes your psychological and spiritual immunity, your values and inner resources, your wisdom and frankly your spirit, don’t evaporate but in fact become your go-to healing treasure chest.

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Does Your Diagnosis Define You?

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