Often there’s a tendency to know a particular practice one way. A habit is formed, albeit a good one, you get comfortable, it works for you and you stick to that routine, to the idea of what the practice is and can bring.

Authentic practices are limitless, however. For instance, since Reiki is of life, it can illuminate any area of life. Here’s one perspective on Reiki, mainly from a ‘relationship’ point of view, both with oneself and others.

1) Reiki helps you see the essence of yourself and others: On an everyday, surface level when we interact with another person, we see a limited picture of that person and often miss the real person who’s under the surface.

In such a narrow view we can easily judge and evaluate a person unfairly. It’s easier to be irritated or annoyed by an interaction and let that irritation escalate. This doesn’t mean that there was absolutely no cause for the annoyance. It simply means that we can look deeper.

We’re all imperfect. As a dedicated Reiki practitioner, we begin to know and feel that beneath imperfection is a lovable, bright being. In the self-practice of Reiki this knowing is what leads to radical healings for all parts of us. This then leads to personal growth, which then leads to spiritual evolution.

And it changes the way we view others. We stop relating to others at the level of their mask and drama, and start appreciating their essential being.

2) Reiki is integrated with life, not locked up in the intellect: As spiritual practitioners we get into mind games sometimes that revolve around hierarchy and what’s worthy of our attention and time.

This leads to a disconnect from life, whereas spiritual practices are meant to make life richer, more vibrant and available.

When our practice is relegated to an intellectual exercise, its gift is almost entirely missed. And when we approach people only from a cold, intellectual place, their gifts are also missed.

Reiki is life. Reiki isn’t relegated only to the sublime. All the messiness of life and our psyche are valid subjects for Reiki to address. In fact we need this so much.

3) Reiki hears you without filters: In Reiki we listen to others and ourselves, truly listen and hear. Reiki properly assimilated removes our filters of impatience, elitism, I’m-better-than; or self-deprecation and denial.

And this listening again reveals essence. The only filter that may be present is compassion in its universal form, so we listen past the soap opera and feel who is in there in that body and mind.

This depth of hearing someone else or ourselves is healing in an abiding way.

4) Reiki allows while you grow to your next tier: Everyone grows at their own pace. In this growth a certain amount of allowing is necessary. This isn’t the excusing, procrastinating or enabling kind of allowing, but one that derives from wisdom.

Wisdom says that two people are unlike in their trajectory, but the same in essence. We have to have the wisdom to let others grow in their own unique timing.

This doesn’t mean we have to tolerate their every behavior or not nudge at times. It simply means we don’t get carried away by the thought that we’ve already crossed this bridge, so hurry up.

5) Reiki helps you suspend judgment and levels personalities: The playing field of life is even. We all have our comeuppance. Not having judgment comes from the recognition that life honors all.

Suspension of judgment is a form of wise and compassionate allowing. It allows the other person their timing and dignity.

We’re all on equal footing. Our task is to enlighten the darkness, personally and collectively.

Personality conflicts come from using the other person as a yardstick of how much you’ve grown, instead of resting in the security of knowing yourself.

All this and more is available with the sincere practice of Reiki with an open heart.

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