Love exists naturally. We don’t need to have any instructions. It arises all by itself and we feel it. Love is woven intricately into the fabric of life. At the same time, love requires our attention and thoughtfulness. Love’s deepening is a moment to moment cultivation. To truly feel and understand love we have to be willing, and spend time with it.

heartWhile love is inborn and pervasive, to really know and share love is a constant learning. Love is a skillful means. For instance, hate requires no skills, but love is a continuous mastering; it elicits and requires our best all at the same time.

Being willing to love is probably the most important piece. Love silently waits for us, the chooser. In every situation, no matter how impossible, love can be chosen at least in some manner. And choosing it in a greater way is the task we have with love.

In fact, to go all the way with love, instead of only feeling and knowing it, we have to become love. Then every choice includes love. Love IS, but merely leaving it there is a waste. It’s useless as a mere wave, a possibility; it brings no value to the world. We must be a particle of love in physicality so that society can be modeled on all love is, instead of fear or hate.

To fear is so easy. Like hate, it requires no skill or special capacity. To love requires tons of courage. Loving is an act of courage because at first it leaves us vulnerable. With more loving, we realize vulnerability is a false weakness, a cultural overlay. Opening to love is scary because we have to admit to things and feel exposed. It takes us to a place where we have to commit to inner and outer work, sometimes tough, very tough work. Deep in that work we realize that that very transparency is the gift.

Love overcomes fear if we’re willing to show up. In the end love asks, “Where’s your fear or anger now?” Because love liberates the truth within, it can pervade experience at any time.  And the truth has nothing to hate or fear.

We must love with increasing depth and breadth to allow its natural expression. Being love is where we find its truest meaning.

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Love’s Depth and Breadth

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