I’ve been thinking about healing:

  • Healing is a big picture event. Details change when you stay the course.
  • You can’t heal what you don’t know about. The courage to be aware is primary.
  • Healing isn’t a cure as a cure is in time/space, whereas healing is abiding.
  • Symptoms are signposts from the soul as to what you need to heal.
  • Symptoms are data in time. Healing takes place at a meta level.
  • Healing is a return to your source code.
  • Healing never happens in a vacuum. You have to show up.
  • To heal is a mindset and lifestyle, not a tool you pull out only at the time of need.
  • When you come to healing with willingness, you’re lifted up and kissed by the light.
  • Welcome the light that comes in healing, give it a station in your life and it will stay.
  • Once you start unraveling your suffering, healing gently rolls through your life again and again like a ball of yarn.
  • The healed is hiding in the unhealed.

And community:

  • Community is inside as well as outside. Community is a state of mind.
  • What is good for us is good for the community. To protect our own is to protect the community.

And peace:

  • Peace appears when we emphasize similarities
  • Peace appears when we honor natural variety.
  • Peace appears when we realize that everyone seeks the love we seek.
  • Peace is seen in the web of life when we tell our fear to grow up!
  • Peace arises from where it lives within when we silence enough to notice.
  • Listen to the peace whispered by the breeze in the leaves.
  • Morning dew simply appears, silently. Peace is the same way. Make space for it.

What do you think?

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Healing, Peace and Community…

5 thoughts on “Healing, Peace and Community…

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  • 02/06/2010 at 10:32 AM

    Beautiful Pamir. On peace, I feel that it flows. It flows into me from its source when I am connected. That’s all that is required to receive peace. But when I fill up with peace, the flow stops. Peace then slowly fades or evaporates. But if as soon as I receive peace I give it away to someone or something, I immediately get more peace. The more I give away, the more I receive. The flow continues, and the peace I have remains fresh and vital. If you give peace to everyone you meet, then everyone around you has some peace. You find yourself living in a peaceful community. Now it may take a while to fill your community with peace, but what a beautiful way to spend the day.


  • 02/08/2010 at 12:23 PM

    I am at peace from knowing that I am part of a miracle. I find peace knowing that the energy that flows in me affects everything because everything is connected. We are ripples that make up the ocean of peace.

    • To heal is a mindset and lifestyle, not a tool you pull out only at the time of need.

    This resonates very powerfully and I will always remember this and thank you for this!

    Thank you Pamir for your energy and all you do.


  • 02/09/2010 at 9:45 AM

    Hi Alin, thanks for becoming a regular commenter here. That in itself is a good example of what you wrote above. Peace grows in the sharing of it.

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