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Recently I started a PhotoBlog in addition to this one. Neighborhood Being was the first one posted. Currently I’m exploring care for the Earth through mostly B&W digital photos. Photography is an old love of mine, together with theater (you can read about that here). I really needed this avenue of expression, so I just began. Sometimes it’s that simple.

It would make me very happy if you joined me over at Pamir’s Photos. 🙂


The Reiki Help Blog is a community. In the previous post I shared a couple of thoughts on community specifically, but really the core subject matter of this blog, spirituality and healing, is about community. We’re on the path of improving our internal and external community.  We are a community of practitioners. The Sanskrit is satsangha, which means the “company of truth.”

A community is interactive. My posting here would be much more meaningful for all of us if you chirped in on a thought or story that moves you, that resonates. We learn from sharing, in ways that aren’t available when it’s only one-way. I encourage you to go ahead and use the comment section for each post, adding your color to this community.

And if you’re having thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, consider this:

We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily difference we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.

–Marion Wright Edelman


For nine months last year, I shared monthly Reiju with my larger ‘virtual’ community. This year, I’ve made the Reiju page public (click here) so that more and more people can benefit. It’s also linked at the top of each page. If you need help or know others who do, stay up to date on when Reiju is shared and get on the list of names.

And as you’ll see on the Reiju page, it’s a fine example of shared learning from a large community, using a blog’s ability to leave comments.


Having provided free content for over two years, the Reiki Help Blog is now asking for your support. Actually, the content remains free. This is an appeal to invest in the substantial resource this blog has become. Invest with more than your reading of it, but by also participating as mentioned above, and contributing to its continuation.

Any amount is appropriate. You may donate when a post brings value to you, or you may donate a larger sum for the lifetime value you get as a subscriber. Large or micropayments are both gladly received.

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Please donate what feels right. Each post is a considerable investment of thought, heart, energy and time.

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