Reiki Stories ProjectOnce again, it’s time for a Reiki story. This one is from another practitioner I trained and describes the experiences that occurred in the 21 days immediately following completion of Shoden Reiki (Level I). There’s much to savor here even though it’s only an excerpt of everything reported.

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If you take some time to read the previous entries in this category, you’ll see that I place a significant emphasis on “story.” Pages and pages can be written about the features and benefits of Reiki, but when someone relates their own practice and use, Reiki becomes real and alive. Nothing says it better.

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I cannot describe how good I feel about myself for taking this important step to become a channel for the healing light to come into my daughter’s life. I practice Reiki on her almost every night. Her health and well being have improved greatly.

There was one night I left my daughter with my mother, while my husband and I were running some errands. She had a mild cold that was under control with Reiki. Suddenly, my mom calls me saying the fever has spiked to 104 degrees and that it didn’t go down even after a double dose of Tylenol. I rushed to my mother’s house and saw my daughter delirious. I took her to the hospital immediately. At the hospital her temperature was even worse, 105 degrees. They gave her another dose of Motrin and the nurse kept coming back to check her but nothing…nothing was working.

So I calmed myself down, focused and centered myself. It was hard because I was nervous but ended up calming down and practicing Reiki on her. A few minutes after I started her fever dropped down to 103 and half an hour later the fever was gone.

The doctor ordered x-rays that night and she was diagnosed with pneumonia in early stages. She was released the same day without fever. The next day she was miraculously healed. Yes, she had a little congestion but no fever, and she was in good spirits all happy and jumping! I continued giving her Reiki at night along with the medicine the doctor prescribed and now she is better than ever.

I have used Reiki in my house. I did a deep cleansing that took me about an hour and a half. I felt the corners charged with stubborn energy and the closets were full of still energy. After the cleansing, a harmonious atmosphere settled in my house. Now it’s easier for me and my husband to relax and we don’t get angry, depressed or drained when we get home after work. The same everyday issues might still be there but our attitude has changed. Things are better between us and we are in a better mood to take care of our 2 year old daughter.

A few days after I cleansed my office, I received very nice compliments from bosses and other professional consultants. They were saying how professional, competent and thorough I am at work and that it is a real pleasure to work with me. I am receiving more responsibility now and getting ready for a possible promotion in the near future. I am excited about this new opportunity.

Also, Reiki might have found its way and touched my best friend, who used to work in the office right next to mine. He had been talking about opening his own business for about a year and I noticed that right after the cleansing he decided to quit his job and start his own small business. Yes, one day he just woke up and decided to never come back to the office again. We are still friends and I am very happy that he finally made up his mind.


— P.V., Coral Springs, Florida

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Reiki Stories Project 1/22/10