Way back when, at the inception of this blog two years ago (light years in blog time!), there was the intention to include haiku and spiritually significant poetry. It didn’t quite pan out that way. There was one post sampling the haiku of Mitsu Suzuki.

With this post this is going to be remedied. A new category is added to find similar posts in the future, and below is another sampling of Mitsu Suzuki’s haiku.

What has always impressed me about haiku is its unique way of distilling time, in a way stopping time. The reading, contemplation and experience of haiku creates greater awareness, opens the senses and imagination, and deepens stillness.

Spiritual practice is a way of moving outside of time. When time isn’t a factor, there’s stillness, a return to our true nature. The mind isn’t busy with concepts, there is no projection, and peace is found. That’s what meditation does for us.

Similarly, when you read these haiku, take one and sit with it. Let it reveal all its has to offer. And savor its deliciousness.

These were all written during different autumn seasons in Mitsu Suzuki’s life.

Zen stones
by RobW

Morning glories
bloom in one breath
winter is close

Neither hindering
nor being hindered
under autumn light

Dusk surrounds the canyon
the wooden mallet’s clack
signals zazen

Evening chill
lake water cupped in my hands
heart journey

Haiku mind
soaking through
red grass

Temple bell resounds
autumn trail

Compressing time

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