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The following came to me around the same time as the message from Bear, previously published.

EagleThe Eagle am I soaring the heights. My friend the Mountain also sees what I see. We speak often when I come home after a day’s survey. My survey yields troubling results. I see an erosion of values and priorities. I see humanity dominating but not ruling fairly the family of Life. War and injustice have become the way of humanity, so far have you trodden from the Good Road. You wage war on Nature and your own kind. The being that Great Spirit created with a thumb and ability to reason, has failed its mission and is lost.


I also see that there are wisdom-bearers amongst you. You are a minority but don’t underestimate your influence. You are placed carefully in various spheres of society, bringing the teachings of a higher mind to the affairs of Earth. There are still places where when you look up to the sky it is clear blue and clean. There is, however, a murky layer of misdeeds and suffering that the human eye doesn’t see. It is a collective, unclean energy generated through ages of greed, anger, lust and misuse of power. The wisdom-bearers hold the ballast, the balance and the way out.


Come to my lofty height and take heart, for you are full of courage. This is a time of testing and initiation. The wisdom you hold is to be claimed and your full power returned to you. This is the task of bringing honor back to Life and all its expressions. Those of you who remember honor and share it with yourself and others, it is your time to rise. This you do out of Love.

And The Waters had this to say:

I am the spirit of the Waters of the Earth. Come to me for clarity and for depth. When you are mired in confusion and can’t get below the surface, reach any of my shores. Whether you can get to a lake, ocean, creek or simple canal, visit with me. Gaze at my surface and calm your mind. Watch my sister the Wind dancing across and let me take the troubles out of your heart. I cleanse and renew. I recharge and reestablish flow.

Teachings From the Natural World