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Recently I reviewed an excellent book on Shintoism on this blog. This is a nature-derived teaching and practice. There’s also quite a bit of environmental and ecological content here.

For the first time I also shared a channeled message two postings ago: The Error of Ways for all of humanity.

There it explains that I’ve been a conscious channel for fifteen years. One way that messages come to me is through interspecies communication. A substantial example of this can be found in The Sainthood of Sequoias.

Spread out over several posts, I’ll be sharing messages I’ve received from the Natural world that started coming in around 2002.


“I am Bear and I hibernate for long periods of time. You call this meditation. I also love honey. You call this bliss or joy. Many have lost the capacity for joy. There are a great many reasons for killjoy. There are a great many reasons for misery and heartache. I used to have stomping grounds without limit, as did my brethren. My numbers thrived and all was good. But I see that humans hurt more. My medicine is introspection in the cave of my being and this you have forgotten. This you must practice in community again. In every community, every day. Gather those who are rushing, destroying, hoarding, blaming, hating and not listening. Gather them in a group embrace of introspection, a timeout to revision what your society could be.

“Humanity is disconnected. Your thinking is askew. Fear is rampant and decisions create hurt, not laughter or prosperity. Decisions at all levels, communally and globally are decisions based on hoarding wrong power to alleviate fear and gratify shallow goals. Bring those who misstep to the energy or mindfield of nourishment from the real Source. Help the disconnected ones hear the wisdom of their inner being.

“There was once a man who sold his wares. He was a decent man and lived simply. Someone took his business away from him by manufacturing more of what he made by hand and selling it for a lower price. He couldn’t eat. Neither could his family. He felt ashamed and angry. They took his land too and his home. This happened to all his neighbors and they rebelled, naturally. His neighbors went underground and waged battle. But this man went to nature and sought solace there. In the cave of his being he saw another way.

“When he came out of hiding, he waged battle too, but with reform and justice, not weapons and bloodshed. He’d discovered the power to change minds and hearts, first in himself through introspection, then in others, even his onetime enemy. In the end everybody won and his neighbors honored him as did his foe.

“Bring your people under one roof and help them collect themselves. Help them pick up the debris of their being and piece it together again. You will find that this is possible and brings peace.”


Teachings from the Natural world

One thought on “Teachings from the Natural world

  • 09/23/2009 at 9:17 PM

    I watched a documentary program about a hibernating bear and her cubs and sensed an incredible peacefulness about their existence. Human beings like Pema Chodron choose to spend time living in nature and even finding solace in caves. Solitude can be part of an awakening process. Silence opens senses in ways completely unexpected.
    .-= Liara Covert´s last blog ..How is love the new paradigm? =-.

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