This summer the Reiki One-Liner passed the 250 mark. It goes out only on weekdays, so that’s 50 weeks of a unique form of discipline and practice.

Initially I started writing these to educate my social network about Reiki. Very soon it became a rich way for me to consider the depth and breadth of Reiki.

Each writing reveals a new facet, usually not thought of before. Or, as I interact with Reiki, share it and teach it, watch it working in others and receive Reiki stories, it reveals new facets. Here’s one coming to me right now:

Reiki is a shining gem with endless facets.

There are four previous posts of 50 Reiki One-Liners each. Reading these as a list can become meaningless.

A Practice:

What I suggest is to go through each post one at a time, including this one, and write down your favorite few. These may be your favorite because you feel a certain way when you read them, or it points to a truth you love, or a truth you need.

Then, select one of and take it into meditation. Post it on your mirror or computer screen. You can also journal about it, using the one-liner as your prompt.

When you’re done with your initial favorites, visit the posts again and select another handful to grow into even more facets of Reiki.

Reiki One-LinerSM

Here, presented in alphabetical order rather than the order they went out are 50 new Reiki One-Liners:

  1. A diagnosis is local. You are nonlocal. Reiki brings this home.
  2. A powerful showering of Light is a major facet of Reiki.
  3. All-healing Love is a primary color in Reiki.
  4. Has your life gone awry? Reiki will reset it in away that serves you for years to come.
  5. Healing stored negative emotions and energies is a main benefit of Reiki.
  6. In face of unchanging symptoms, Reiki brings an abiding knowing.
  7. It’s not only symptomatic healing Reiki provides; it can heal an entire life.
  8. Reiki *hears* you without filters.
  9. Reiki accelerates your evolution.
  10. Reiki activates all your immune systems: physical, psychological, and spiritual.
  11. Reiki allows while you grow to your next tier.
  12. Reiki brings your worrying into perspective and keeps you calm.
  13. Reiki develops a self-healing psychology hiding under all of your symptoms.
  14. Reiki doesn’t address only the here-and-now, but the then and later, and the timeless.
  15. Reiki eases the experience of being infinite in a finite world and fulfills it to the highest degree.
  16. Reiki emerges who you are in the most natural, no-excuses way.
  17. Reiki engenders the pure awareness that’s not based on thoughts and emotions.
  18. Reiki heals the person and thus the extended life of that person.
  19. Reiki helps you incarnate fully so you can really do “this” and live the sacred too.
  20. Reiki helps you listen to life with your whole being, not only your head.
  21. Reiki helps you see the essence of yourself and others.
  22. Reiki helps you sit in your belly (hara) and handle life from there.
  23. Reiki helps you suspend judgment and levels personalities.
  24. Reiki increases your Light quotient.
  25. Reiki is a provider, teacher and wayshower of compassion.
  26. Reiki is a two-way elevator between Heaven and Earth.
  27. Reiki is constant and fail-safe.
  28. Reiki is integrated with life, not locked up in the intellect.
  29. Reiki is the energetic equivalent of oxygen.
  30. Reiki is the radical realization that your umbilical cord is intact and has only changed form and scope.
  31. Reiki is the spontaneous cascade of Love.
  32. Reiki lets you solidly know there’s healing available despite symptoms.
  33. Reiki merges the you living in linearity with the You that envelopes time/space.
  34. Reiki opens the sacred space within that can also be a liveable place without.
  35. Reiki provides a lifeline in times of personal or global crisis.
  36. Reiki provides a steadiness of heart and mind.
  37. Reiki reminds you to settle in the belly (hara) when the mind overthinks.
  38. Reiki removes the heat and burn of anger from your mindbody.
  39. Reiki reveals the value of honesty in all you are and do.
  40. Reiki shows you how to be humble without compromising yourself.
  41. Reiki shows you the umbilical cord you have to the sun, the cherry tree and the rain.
  42. Reiki soothingly buffers you when life’s upsets visit.
  43. Removing excess baggage, outmoded ideas and clutter happens naturally in Reiki.
  44. Strong immunity means integrity. Reiki takes you there.
  45. Symptoms are information, not who you are. Reiki solidifies this knowing.
  46. When life is pressuring you, Reiki acts as a relief valve.
  47. When nothing works, Reiki still does.
  48. When walking the path and doing the work, Reiki is an unmatched wayshower and aid.
  49. With Reiki you gain access to healing a pinpoint or the whole tapestry.
  50. You are the link between the healed and unhealed. Reiki gives you the courage to embrace the healing long buried.
Reiki One-Liner is Growing Up

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  • 09/07/2009 at 9:16 PM

    These are truly uplifting thoughts. Thank you for providing readers with these insights into powerful healing that is always accessible from within.
    .-= Liara Covert´s last blog ..Why not align with what is? =-.

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