Reiki Stories ProjectI’m curating Reiki stories. This project started back in June with two remarkable stories of Reiki working in human lives. The Reiki Stories Project is open to everyone who has a story to add. You may email it to me or leave in comments below. Please make sure you read the previous two stories and why it’s important that we document such experiences.

Today, I received a proof positive type of story from a brand new Level I practitioner I trained only 2 weeks ago:

I want to share with you what has happened recently. My Mother is in the hospital and she was on a machine that measures oxygen intake and when the number falls below 90 it beeps and flashes a red alert. The nurse said that if it stays below 90 and especially if it gets into the 70-75 range and stays there it is not good, and they would have to intervene with other maybe drastic measures.

I was in the room when the alert sounded and it stayed like that for almost 7 minutes, and the nurse was concerned. I then placed my hands on her chest and tried to stay very neutral and remembered what you said about not doing anything and just let it flow.

At first nothing happened and I just kept doing it without expecting anything. After maybe 2 minutes the machine stopped beeping and the count went over 90 and stayed like that.

When I took my hands off it went back down, and when I put my hands on her again the count went to 98 and stayed there even after I took my hands away.

I know it was Reiki and I felt the energy flowing and I just kept trying not to have any conscious thought that I was doing anything, even though it was an amazing thing to see and I was very thrilled.

My Mother felt better and I have been doing that everyday. When I placed my hands on her she let go of all tension and I felt it leave her whole body like she was exhaling all stress and tension. This was the most amazing feeling to be a part of and I had never experienced this before and I was just stunned! Wow!…

I am so grateful to have found Reiki and I want to thank you for your guidance and introducing me to this beautiful Reiki.

— A.L., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Blessed be!

What has Reiki shown you of itself?

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Reiki Stories Project 8/12/2009

2 thoughts on “Reiki Stories Project 8/12/2009

  • 08/12/2009 at 6:35 PM

    Very nice… yes, sir… the energy doth flow. What a great story!


  • 08/25/2009 at 12:24 PM

    Reiki is a powerful method of healing. This story proves it. As a level II healer I want to get back to myself and distance heeling’s and going to Reiki shares.
    Mary Rettig

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