In his book “The Formation of the Noosphere” (1947), Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote:

No one can deny that a network (a world network) of economic and psychic affiliations is being woven at ever increasing speed which envelops and constantly penetrates more deeply within each of us. With every day that passes it becomes a little more impossible for us to act or think otherwise than collectively.

The term noosphere was coined from the Greek word for mind “noos,” adding to the biosphere (animate) and geosphere (inanimate). This essentially mental place could only have arrived at a time when technology can shrink the world and its distances. While there is still misinformation and prejudice about cultures and lifestyles, overall we seem to better understand each other, and at least in spiritual circles, reach out in compassion.

Meditational and healing link-ups made possible by online connections have enabled us to generate positive energy and intention for many situations we normally would not be involved in, let alone know about. The unique nature of Reiki has played a big part in this.

At the same time there is an incredible acceleration in all walks of life, stress is rampant and meaningful belonging is elusive for many. We also have escalating world crises and a general lack of planetary peace.

Despite our rising spirituality our times often reflect meaningless violence, cynical values, nonacceptance of diversity, and a lack of sense of place. The predominance and pervasive influence of scientific materialism has largely negated anything transphysical (metaphysical). It’s precisely in the search for place, belonging and meaning that Reiki can play a crucial role.

I would like to suggest a new sphere — Onesphere — to indicate our transpersonal (spiritual) dimension. While we have concepts for physical and mental spheres detailed, mapped and accepted, our transpersonal habitat is still under scrutiny, doubt, attack and bad press.

What the Onesphere can do for us as individuals and communities is misjudged, misreported and often too easily dismissed. Yet it is the home that we can carry around, the home that gives meaning, real security and purpose. Without the Onesphere, all other spheres would be bereft and perhaps nonexistent.

Spheres are circular, like our planet, and thus create connection as well as unity. The entire sphere of life is deeply unified. Where we belong is where everything else belongs — we share a common home. That humans are the supreme expression of life is sheer, illusory arrogance.

In the unfolding process of Reiki we have a great opportunity to heal a basic separation from the Onesphere of life, with all of its richness. Meaninglessness and existential homelessness are the result of severing ourselves from the deep ground of our essential nature.

When we consciously swim in the “Onenergy” of life in the form of Reiki, our spiritual roots are reinforced, nourished, and reminded that possessions or accolades don’t bring happiness.

The entire scope of Reiki is truly connective. Whether it’s self-Reiki or working with another, this gift brings us treasures hidden in the unseen.

Reiki is like a key that unlocks the unseen and makes it available as a part of daily experience. It gives us a knowable sense of support and significance. Events are no longer arbitrary or random and this eases our neuroses.

We feel that we can contribute to the world in a blessed way and be full in return. This is true of nonlocal (distant) Reiki as much as any of its applications. In fact the very experience of flowing Reiki beyond time and space is possible thanks to the Onesphere.

In this sense nonlocal Reiki is its own place, sense of belonging and meaning. Reiki removes limitations. It provides the ability to feel and care for anyone or any situation we choose to give our attention.

The more we choose compassion and giving, the richer our existence, the larger our home becomes. It’s as if we could be friends with all six billion plus of the world’s population. Then there are all the other spheres of creatures, minerals and stars!

Reiki honors life and when we experience that honor we derive life-sustaining meaning and belonging. We realize it all makes sense.

Place, Belonging and Meaning

2 thoughts on “Place, Belonging and Meaning

  • 03/12/2009 at 4:58 PM

    Hello Pamir,

    It is interesting that as the rise in spiritual engagement and oneness grows in our population, there is also a rise in violence and nonacceptance of diversity. Some say that yin and yang have to be in balance and that it is the natural law. It is all the Mystery of life.

    I like your suggestion of the Onesphere. It is the place where we can exist with all aspects of reality as it is and still allow for equanimity within, no matter what is going on in our world.

    Thanks for a unique perspective.

    Miruh’s last blog post..Know The Beginning

  • 05/23/2009 at 8:37 PM

    Hi Pamir, the Onesphere concept is really beautiful. We are an interconnected, unified stream of energy, and in this spiritual dimension, we find our place and higher meaning. Through digital technology, global consciousness is accelerating evolution. I believe we are getting closer to reaching critical mass.

    Palma | Buddha Trance’s last blog post..What stands between you and You

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