CompassionWhen I first applied Reiki Remote Healing many, many years ago (RRH — I specify because it’s different from other nonlocal, i.e., remote methods), I realized that it was a very deep state of true meditation. By that I mean a meditative state that is not for lowering blood pressure or stress-relief, but a spiritually charged space of connecting to the Reality which upholds our physical existence.

Many systems of spiritual meditative practice give a model of the various stages of meditation and self-realization. It’s useful to look at other systems sometimes to bring meaning to Reiki.

I’d like to use a model given in Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by John Powers as a way to draw some parallels. All aspects of Reiki are relevant here, but Reiki Remote Healing illustrates the parallels best.

We’ll look at RRH from the viewpoint of a Reiki practitioner. For the practitioner, regular practice of RRH:

  • opens the spiritual heart by first healing the emotional heart
  • infuses with a great dose of spiritual energy
  • boosts intuition and subtle perceptions
  • helps you experience universal compassion seen in enlightened ones
  • draws you closer together to people and communities
  • brings the joy of spiritual fulfillment

Compassion is a stable emotion. The emotional energy of compassion is selfless and focused. It has equanimity, and motivates the intent of the practitioner to utilize one’s resources to help others. Ordinary emotional energy can be self-indulgent, scattered, attached, perturbed and unstable. It’s difficult to help oneself with such an emotional makeup, let alone others.

Compassion can be seen as the sincere heart-desire to soothe the suffering of others. Present in this wish is to alleviate not only their present unease, but the root causes of their discomfort. First is the recognition that all beings have the capacity for compassion. Intention and motivation are also crucial. The best outcome is possible by keeping your intentions alive and making them pure, noble and vast. It may seem impossible to help countless others, but once you start, and with the unique ability of Reiki Remote Healing, your intention becomes true.

RRH is designed for the benefit of others, but simultaneously you, the conduit, receive untold gifts from the regularity of its practice.

Compassion cultivated by the transformation of ordinary emotional energy is known as ‘skillful means,’ for it enables the practitioner to skillfully use their mind, wisdom, love and energy for the benefit of others as well as their own spiritual development.

Bodhisattva of Compassion

The primary model of altruistic intention is the Bodhisattva.

Speaking of the Bodhisattva, Powers says,

The Sanskrit term literally means ‘enlightenment (bodhi) being (sattva),’ and it indicates…someone…progressing toward the state of enlightenment of a buddha….Bodhisattvas…are motivated by universal compassion, and they seek the ultimate goal of buddhahood in order to be of service to others….At the beginning of the bodhisattva path, they realize that their present capacities are limited and that they are unable to even prevent their own sufferings.

How true of Reiki. We come to Shoden (Reiki I), take responsibility for our own welfare, begin healing with the power of love (loving-kindness as a quality of compassion), develop spiritually, and move to Okuden (Reiki II) as a way to heal deeper, establish an abiding spirituality and increase our capacities. This includes Reiki Remote Healing.

Powers continues that “a bodhisattva begins a training program intended to culminate in the enlightenment of a buddha.”

Among the good qualities generated by this training he lists six


1) generosity
2) ethics
3) patience
4) effort
5) concentration, and
6) wisdom

These constitute the core of the enlightened personality of the buddha.

It’s uncanny how easy it is to put a Reiki spin on these:

1) Generosity is inherent in Reiki since the vital energy you access through its practice is so abundantly available, enriching you and those with whom you share it.

Along with this energy comes wisdom, insight, knowledge, peace, healing, compassion and light. These attributes are unlimitedly available. This prime generosity is expanded at the local, global and universal levels many times with RRH, and it creates a domino effect of generosity.

2) Ethics, i.e., the Reiki Precepts. Every spiritual system has these, for as you become empowered a strong foundation is crucial. Usui Sensei set forth these five points:

For today only:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others

“For today only” indicates that you do the best you can, for the precepts are a tall order, despite their simplicity. However, it also indicates that you practice everyday to fulfill this tall order.

Beyond ethics, Usui’s precepts are actual teachings, the underpinning of the system of Reiki. It’s because the ethical challenge is demanding that other techniques are included (such as RRH) to help the practitioner actually live the precepts.

The ethics of Reiki Remote Healing itself come into play too. RRH is a process of Oneness with the receiver or target. It’s an extension of a personal spiritual practice and the integrity gained there forms the foundation of providing healing in this way. The intention is the highest good of the person. Results are surrendered, together with any worries about effectiveness.

3) Patience is the quality which helps you process each level of training before moving on; having equanimity in the face of unchanging symptoms; and doubting not the power of Reiki. We live in a very results-oriented society, yet spiritual growth and healing are much more open-ended and organic.

This means that patience really becomes the wisdom to follow the energy and drop the need to achieve certain results. While intentions support spiritual and healing work, having a black and white agenda of results is detrimental.

You never know where growth or healing is going to show up. Being patient and wise enough to allow the energy to bring the best-fitting gift is a peaceful approach, rather than forcing a result or limiting what is available with a narrow and restless agenda.

4) Effort means to use Reiki as a practice and not just another tool. Spiritual teachings are really only effective when practiced and applied. It’s the depth of daily practice which ensures that you have the ability to respond in the spur of the moment with the greatest effectiveness.

Effort means to continually refine one’s understanding and application of Reiki. Building on what you have been taught by your teacher is the heart of your practice.

5) Concentration in Reiki is the quality of meditating on the energy as you apply it. This ensures non-interference of ego or distractions. It also enhances the experience of Reiki both for receiver and giver. (Yes, Reiki flows all by itself, but we hold an intention and meditation is concentrated mind.) In RRH concentration is even more important since you’re dealing with the formless (etheric).

6) Wisdom is the quality which completes love and without which we are lopsided. Universal Mind is close during RRH and gives your mind the opportunity to be informed by wisdom that you can then carry into our lives and the world.

These apply to the whole of Reiki, but the focus here has been Reiki Distant Healing.


The Reiki Precepts as a Guide for Our Times

Reiki and the Bodhisattva Model

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Generating Compassion with Reiki Remote Healing

6 thoughts on “Generating Compassion with Reiki Remote Healing

  • 03/25/2009 at 5:37 PM

    Great post! I make sure to stress #4 Effort, in my classes, so important to integrate Reiki into our daily lives and not to use it just when we have a need.

    Tania’s last blog post..If you can read this…

  • 05/31/2009 at 12:35 PM

    This post is full of useful information. It reminds visitors here that learning is an ongoing process on more levels than humans perceive or grasp within their limited radar. Only by choosing to open up and slowly dissolve self-created limitations, does a human being truly engage in a more conscious awkanening. One technique often overlooked is the power of a smile. Whenever the conditioned urges to generate anger or negative energy arise, teaching the self to instinctively smile is a way to shift energy vibration.

    Liara Covert’s last blog post..Steer the course of life with music

  • 06/21/2009 at 7:10 AM

    This is a beautiful way of describing Reiki not simply as a healing technique, but as a true spiritual practice. One that helps develop compassion and the awareness of Oneness. By reaching Oneness with the receiver or target, one cannot but generate Love. Wisdom adds the universal and unconditional qualities to it. It surely completes love.
    .-= Palma | Buddha Trance´s last blog ..Wind, the breath of the Universe =-.

  • 07/16/2009 at 2:01 PM

    You know, I have been perusing your site here for about 15 minutes, you have some information here about Reiki, Greenliving and more that is just wonderful and enlightening. I so appreciate sites like yours that take the time to give something positive to all of us here on the net who are on the path of enlightenment. Thank you so much for being one of the messengers. Excellent site.
    .-= Carmellita´s last blog ..A Guilty disposition & Scrumptious Flax Seed Crackers =-.

  • 08/04/2009 at 2:01 PM

    @Tania: Nothing happens without some effort. Great thing about spiritual ‘effort’ is that the dividends far outweigh the work.

    @Liara Covert: Yes, learning is ongoing & smiling is an essential orientation.

    @Palma | Buddha Trance: Reiki IS a spiritual practice. That’s what I write about here. So often this is missed…

    @Carmellita: Welcome! Glad you took time with my blog. Yes, there’s more here than meets the eye. 🙂 Please revisit.

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