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 On July 30, 2008 I started a new service in the microblogging world by sending out this one-liner about Reiki:

Reiki is living with wisdom and compassion.

Since then Reiki One-LinerSM has gone out to Twitter everyday between Monday and Friday, with breaks of a few days since its inception.

Read the first 50.

One practitioner who was trained by me, had the idea of printing this list to keep in the car as a kind of mindfulness bell. How would you use these? Please share in comments…

Here, presented in alphabetical order rather than the order they went out are the next 50 Reiki one-liners:

  1. Dazed and confused? Reiki lets the sun rise again.
  2. Have you abandoned the pilothouse? Reiki will help you captain your life again.
  3. Have you lost yourself? Reiki will locate and return you.
  4. Looking for your true North? Reiki will point the way.
  5. Reiki alerts you to your blind spots.
  6. Reiki boosts belief and patience.
  7. Reiki brings all parts of you to the table.
  8. Reiki develops your inner mettle and helps you wield it gently.
  9. Reiki eliminates why me, why this, why now and accesses abiding qualities.
  10. Reiki fills all the empty places inside.
  11. Reiki helps you come home to yourself.
  12. Reiki helps you dissociate from bad relationships.
  13. Reiki helps you drop from your head to your heart.
  14. Reiki helps you listen for peace.
  15. Reiki helps you listen for silence.
  16. Reiki helps you listen to life.
  17. Reiki helps you listen to others.
  18. Reiki helps you listen to yourself.
  19. Reiki helps you value your relationship with yourself first.
  20. Reiki is a personal GPS.
  21. Reiki is a unifier.
  22. Reiki is a way of seeing deeper.
  23. Reiki is brain sex with life.
  24. Reiki is life’s ultimate RSS.
  25. Reiki is that relationship between you and every atom of life!
  26. Reiki is the art of loving.
  27. Reiki is the best bubble bath EVER!
  28. Reiki is unconditional.
  29. Reiki is wholesome.
  30. Reiki IS.
  31. Reiki joins heart and mind.
  32. Reiki joins intent and execution.
  33. Reiki joins psyche and soma.
  34. Reiki joins purpose and actualization.
  35. Reiki joins rational and creative.
  36. Reiki keeps the heart & mind steady.
  37. Reiki leads to energy integrity.
  38. Reiki leads to wholeness.
  39. Reiki lets you know your value is real and true.
  40. Reiki looks inside & makes adjustments.
  41. Reiki looks with you at difficulties.
  42. Reiki loves all.
  43. Reiki moves you from being in relationship pain, to being in relationship.
  44. Reiki neutralizes time.
  45. Reiki opens gateways of perception that are authentic and stay open.
  46. Reiki purifies body, mind and soul.
  47. Reiki removes mental clouds.
  48. Reiki sees the unseen.
  49. Reiki silences an overzealous inner critic.
  50. Reiki sparks creativity.
The next 50 Reiki One-Liners

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  • 01/27/2009 at 3:24 PM

    Happy New Year Pamir!
    You have such an uplifting way of sharing joy with your readers. Some people who discover your blog may not be familiar with Reiki. You certainly share positive vibrations about that here. You encourage people to explore it further. In case you have not visited Dreambuilders Australia in a while, I invite your to come by and see our new layout. I also have new book to be released soon. You can catch a glimpse of the cover on my blog.

    Best wishes,
    Love & Light,

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