Heart handsThe Holidays inspire charitable giving and care for others. These days there are so many ways to give. Recently two Twitter-driven causes brought this point home. One was an effort by Epic Change to raise enough funds in 48 hours to build a new school in Tanzania. With a separate site setup called TweetsGiving, Epic Change was able to raise $11.131 in 48 hours with a simple #tweetsgiving tag driving traffic to the donations site and the power of retweeting! And it was also a micro-giving effort with only $10 being asked of each donor. Of course some gave more. Kudos to @sanjspatel and @StaceyMonk.

Another micro-donating effort is being lead by @pistachio. She’s only asking for $2 donations to charity: water, an organiztion I wrote about here as part of Blog Action Day. $2 a piece to raise $25.000.

I’m writing this to bring attention to how easy it is today to be charitable, not just seasonally but at any time and how it can be meaningful and not just duty or admonishment. I would also like to speak to a certain thinking that is prevalent in spiritual communities. The thinking goes somewhere along the lines of “change in the material world takes too long; in truth poverty is nonexistent; what you focus on grows; we must work in consciousness to change the paradigm and not reaffirm poverty, but instill the truth of abundance that is our very nature.”

After fifteen years of working directly with consciousnes and spiritual energy, I’m viscerally aware of the power of transformation that originates in the inner planes. This has been called ‘subtle activism’ and it is indeed an approach that many still must adopt. Consciousness is primary, there’s no doubt about that. What changes in consciousness, changes out in the world. Yet my spirituality is a practical one and so I wrote the following open letter and offer it here for your consideration. I also encourage you to visit the links above and participate according to your heart.

We live in the dimension of form. Our origin is elsewhere. We are Spirit manifest in matter. To manifest Spirit fully in matter we have divine tools, and earthly tools. It’s the balanced use of both that brings success.


As the vanguard in subtle activism, we also have to consider how we frame our approach for the mainstream. Remember the tragedy that took place at Columbine High School? At the time many in the spiritual community said things like: “Those who passed chose to do so. They contracted to leave the planet. All is in divine order.”


It’s pretty obvious what the response would be from those parents, peers and school staff who went through that experience, if this was said to their face. It would be perceived as cruel, lofty, unrealistic; there would be backlash and outrage.


The existence of divine order behind seeming tragedies is a truth. That some of us ‘contract’ for certain experiences has truth in it too. But it can’t be said out loud, not until the general consciousness of society has reached at least a modicum of the paradigm that these truths espouse.


And we don’t know specifically what the subtle elements are; perhaps there’s order, perhaps there’s evil, in the act not the doer. Does it all come out in the wash in the end? Perhaps.


Point is, while some of us have an awareness, or even working knowledge of Reality, many are serious about how real reality is to them, and that’s fine. Matter does have a reality. It’s not the ultimate, but knocking your knee on a sharp corner really hurts! Even for us ‘elevated’ types, losing a child is not and should not be a small matter to be rationalized by clinging to our paradigm. We are Spirit and Human. Leaving the Human out of the equation simply doesn’t work.


As humanity finds itself in the midst of many tough and complex challenges, the teamwork of Spirit and matter applies also in the larger context of societal and global improvement. A paradigm shift necessarily takes place in consciousness, but it’s utterly pointless to stop there. That’s equivalent to promising you’ll do something and not doing it. Right thought and speech must be followed by right action.


Recently, Blog Action Day put a lens on Poverty. While it’s true that our true self and the nature of the Universe is like Goddess Lakshmi, i.e., there’s no concept of lack whatsoever, it seems implausible to expect an emaciated, under and malnourished child or mother to be comforted by or even consider this. We don’t live by bread alone but by bread alone do we also live. Even those of us who have the material necessities to be able to put aside time to contemplate and embody the lack of lack, often find that we aren’t able to.


What can be done? Join forces. First feed a hungry belly, then ensure the future supply of food, and then teach the underpinnings of a philosophy that will eradicate hunger permanently if enough people subscribe to and energize it continuously.


We congratulate ourselves too quickly for being the vanguard of a consciousness-molds-matter paradigm. Firstly, there are advanced beings very involved with the Earth plane who have been, since antiquity at least, wielding powerful subtle tools to dawn another higher age. So far it hasn’t quite manifested. When it comes to consciousness shaping matter in the dimension of form there can be considerable lag time. There is also Divine timing.


Secondly, we’re pitiful in our understanding of time. The wisdom of India tell us that the world is created, destroyed and recreated every 4,320,000 years (Maha Yuga). Ours is a materialistic age, the Kali yuga which lasts 432,000 years. While it’s important to vibrate to higher truth and hopefully be wayshowers, it’s equally important to take care of what’s in front of us here and now, because some of this is on a cycle that has its own clock. In the meantime people are starving.


One last point to consider is that when someone perishes from violence or hunger, the entire vibration of that experience remains on the Earth, and travels with that soul on its journey. Inevitably the soul reincarnates, bringing that vibration back into the Earth plane. In its nonphysical journey and when embodied again, this soul specifically passes the vibration of its demise down its bloodline to its family. This happens both in biological DNA and spiritual DNA. Thus there’s a very substantial and chronic vicious circle.


And thus we must join Spirit and matter in addressing all such concerns. Someone can pass over with a full belly or in peace, while the right consciousness emerges in the dust of this Earth. Physical, material action has a huge place in circumventing the vicious cycle as described above, and we are here to serve.

Subtle and not so subtle activism

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