President-Elect Obama, and Health and Human Services Secretary-Designate Tom Daschle are requesting public commentary during the month of December, as they draft a proposal for health care reform.

This is a prime opportunity to speak out about the importance of holistic health as a vital component of health care reform in the USA. If you’re a Reiki practitioner or maintain your all-around health and wellness through other natural and holistic or integrative ways you may submit your ideas directly at in the Health Care Agenda section. Read below for some core ideas that you may want to mention.

First, if Reiki is important to you write as a health care consumer and not as a practitioner. State your preference that Reiki is reimbursed by insurance. Emphasize that you would like to have full access to Reiki Training and healing. Definitely mention that Reiki is already recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the government’s health agency. Make sure that you include a link to the NCCAM’s Reiki Backgrounder.

You may then want to mention any or all of the following, as a way to start changing the health care paradigm:

  1. Health care must promote health and wellness, not merely manage disease.
  2. Preventive care is more than screenings. It includes a positive program of wellness, with a healthy diet, exercise, mental and emotional health, and natural methods that support the body’s inherent self-healing powers.
  3. Health care must include full freedom of choice regarding health care options. Each individual should be free to choose from the full spectrum of health care modalities, without interference from the government restricting particular methods.
  4. We must champion the needs of children in any health care program. Of particular concern is the increasing use of pharmaceutical drugs with children, rather than preventative measures such as good diet, counseling and assistance for at risk-children, and a full spectrum of educational programs that include artistic expression, physical exercise and creative play.
  5. It is a matter of social justice that every citizen have access to basic health care regardless of financial status. However, universal coverage without reforming the way health care is delivered will endanger the economic health of the country. Cost containment is not simply a matter of eliminating waste and profiteering. It also requires a de-emphasis on high-tech “sickness care” and a new emphasis on health promotion.
  6. A diversity of health care options, especially those that are holistic and preventative in nature, would actually lower our nation’s cost for providing universal coverage and result in a far healthier population.
  7. Health care reform means ending medical discrimination against holistic health practices and natural health supplements, to allow truthful health information to be freely given in regard to the health benefits of natural remedies, to allow holistic health practitioners to freely practice without fear of prosecution.
  8. Research funding for the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (National Institutes of Health) should be massively increased.
  9. An Integrative Medicine Advisory panel should be created to advise legislators and policy-makers on ways to bring holistic and integrative medicine practices into any Health Care Reform legislation that is drafted. Such a panel should draw on the expertise of such organizations as the Preventative Medicine Research Institute (Dr. Dean Ornish), the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine (University of California in San Francisco), Duke Integrative Medicine Center, The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine (San Diego), and other similar centers.

Go ahead and include your bullet points in comments here. The health care debate will go beyond December and we can build a unified set of ideas here, that can be used again and again in future communications with any administration.

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I credit Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski for some of the points made here.

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