Reiki One-LinerSM

On July 30, 2008 I started a new service in the microblogging world by sending out this one-liner about Reiki:

Reiki is living with wisdom and compassion.

Since then Reiki One-LinerSM has gone out everyday between Monday and Friday, with two breaks of a few days since its inception.

Here, presented in alphabetical order rather than the order they went out are the first 50 Reiki one-liners:

  1. Reiki accepts all.
  2. Reiki balances and harmonizes.
  3. Reiki beautifies.
  4. Reiki blesses giver and receiver alike.
  5. Reiki blesses you. Reiki is a blessing.
  6. Reiki boosts brain power.
  7. Reiki boosts intuition.
  8. Reiki brings wisdom.
  9. Reiki clarifies choices before you.
  10. Reiki cools your emotions.
  11. Reiki enhances everything.
  12. Reiki enhances learning.
  13. Reiki gives unconditionally.
  14. Reiki gives you the keys to the universe.
  15. Reiki heals and uplifts.
  16. Reiki heals body, mind and soul.
  17. Reiki heals the heart.
  18. Reiki heals. Period.
  19. Reiki helps the human.
  20. Reiki helps you appreciate true prosperity.
  21. Reiki helps you see through fear.
  22. Reiki helps young and old.
  23. Reiki helps. Period.
  24. Reiki identifies your strengths & weaknesses.
  25. Reiki improves life.
  26. Reiki improves sex.
  27. Reiki improves your relationship with life.
  28. Reiki improves your relationship with others.
  29. Reiki improves your relationship with yourself.
  30. Reiki increases your light.
  31. Reiki is a corner of peace and gentleness in your life.
  32. Reiki is a lifestyle enhancer.
  33. Reiki is a noun. Also a verb.
  34. Reiki is a personal HMO.
  35. Reiki is a personal Polaris.
  36. Reiki is a way-shower.
  37. Reiki is an energy aid on your journey.
  38. Reiki is an inner and outer ecology.
  39. Reiki is an ocean of compassion.
  40. Reiki is certain in uncertainty.
  41. Reiki is inspiration.
  42. Reiki is living with wisdom and compassion.
  43. Reiki is motivational.
  44. Reiki is nonharming.
  45. Reiki is peace of mind.
  46. Reiki is perfect balance between Heaven and Earth.
  47. Reiki is portable.
  48. Reiki is preventive health.
  49. Reiki is rootedness.
  50. Reiki is self-organizing.
The first 50 Reiki One-Liners

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